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Air travel – Ryanair attacked the Lufthansa Süddeutsche.de


  • The Irish low-cost airline Ryanair wants to in the future kidneys are also at Frankfurt airport and their own aircraft station.
  • It is the next attack on Lufthansa. You dominated so far, the major German airports.
Karl-Heinz bushes man

The Irish low-cost airline Ryanair: a further step in the fight against Lufthansa. The cheap flights from Dublin now wants to start there and end up where the German market leader has to be the most important transport centre in Frankfurt. The local airport operator, Fraport, Ryanair announced on Tuesday a joint press conference for Wednesday morning.

According to industry sources, wants to introduce Ryanair flight offer from Frankfurt. Thus, the low-cost carrier of Lufthansa, which has already suffered from long-at a high cost comes, even closer than before.

Long was succeeded in the Lufthansa to keep the pressing of rivals such as Ryanair in Frankfurt from the body. So far, Ryanair avoids as well as many other low-cost airlines the airport in Frankfurt. As a reason the Irish had called the in comparison to other Airports, significantly higher fees. Apparently, Ryanair wants to. in the first two planes in Frankfurt station to fly to as the first targets of Palma de Majorca and the southern Spanish Alicante The Irish benefited from a discount to the Fraport meanwhile, new customers are granted.

Ryanair wants to kidneys are no new planes in the UK deploy

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The cheap flyer on back of the small airports

when and with what concrete offer of flights Ryanair to the departure, remained in the invitations still open. To not wanted to the plans of Ryanair to both, the airline as well as the Frankfurt airport company Fraport comment. Company representatives pointed instead to the press conference on Wednesday. In the case of Lufthansa, it was said: “We can commit to this for the time being”. Obviously they want to wait for the statements of Ryanair on Wednesday. The stock exchange, the challenge from Ryanair takes to the Lufthansa apparently serious. The share price of the Kranich-Airline lost on Tuesday more than a percent and lost more than the overall market.

the struggle of The Irish against the Lufthansa is already running long. But so far, the cheap line has still kept from the major airport centres. Ryanair, which has in the German market in a market share of five per cent, flies in Germany, preferably smaller airports. So Ryanair offer flights from the airport Hahn, Frankfurt airport is approximately 100 km away. In addition, Ryanair offers flights from Baden-Baden, Bremen, Berlin-Schönefeld, Dortmund or Dusseldorf Weeze.

With the Plan to land soon in Frankfurt, calling for the Irish, the Lufthansa on the main cross out of rotation. On Monday, Ryanair had announced, the airline’s wool, soon, also in Hamburg, a so-called Basis, i.e. the Fuhlsbüttel airport not only fly, but also aircraft are stationed. On their second hub in Munich, the Lufthansa already with the cheap competition from Easyjet and Transavia, a subsidiary of Air France-KLM. “We notice that you focus on the larger sites and from small airports,” says Peter Rupture from the DLR Institute of air transport and Airport research the low-cost airlines. “Anyone who wants to achieve greater market shares in a country, must be

Lufthansa is trying to reduce their costs

Ryanair CEO Michel O’Leary, who leads the Irish price crusher for more than 20 years, and as the whirlwind in the industry, seems to want to use also a weakness of the established Airlines. This would bring the airports, no more growth. “That’s why you make now business with us,” says the man, the Ryanair was successful.

At the Lufthansa prevails, as we Heard, some of the upset about the willingness of the Frankfurt airport company, new customers such as Ryanair with special discounts to attract. The Lufthansa leadership is uncomfortable, that the Hessian of transport have voted in favour of the Ministry as the Supervisory authority of the airport of the new price policy. With the discount for new customers those would be punished who held for 60 years, the Frankfurt airport, the Fidelity and far more than half of all take-offs and landings account for.

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The former state group may have to continue for years, with growing competition apart, the strong price pressure. Lufthansa is therefore in tough negotiations with its pilots on cheaper salaries. Their subsidiaries Eurowings and German Wings dispute with the cabin crew.

Cheap or challenging: How do you fly?

The Lufthansa make, increasingly, Airlines from the cheap segment of the competition. Now, the Irish airline Ryanair announces to kidney also at Frankfurt airport, its own machines station. Flyers are a cheap Alternative to traditional companies? Discuss them with us. more …


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