Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ice age in Beijing with Gabriel’s visit to China – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The scandal is perfect. Hours before the Federal economy departed Minister Sigmar Gabriel on Monday, after China, has summoned the Chinese government to the German Ambassador in Beijing, and their Anger: the fact that Gabriel has said the sale of the Aachen-based semiconductor manufacturer Aixtron to Chinese investors tentatively, after America had warned that the company’s Chips could be found in nuclear missiles.

Hendrik Ankenbrand author: Hendrik Ankenbrand, business correspondent for China, based in Shanghai.

in Addition, had accused the SPD-Chairman of the Chinese “foul” because the country hunt in Europe, targeted to key technologies, while it is difficult for European companies to invest in China. Also Gabriel’s threat, China as a punishment the Status of a market economy, is likely to have been provoked by the red rulers. Even before the German government plane landed in a freezing Beijing, have cooled relations between the countries.

A Meeting with China’s economic planner, the Chairperson of the major development and reform Commission, has been cancelled. Xi Jinping, state President and Chairman of the Communist party, had received Gabriel a year ago, not before the Chairman of the friends of the German social Democrats at this time. The official news Agency criticized the German government have a “China-phobia” and “delusional Paranoia”. “Disheartening” is that the “sincerity” of Germany was in question, to create an open and transparent climate for foreign investors.

The Chinese market is open

One can only wonder how far Gabriel against this Background, the goal of his trip is progressing, and China markets for foreigners to open. Because that’s what the dispute over Chinese investment in Germany. They have increased this year, although growing rapidly, are still low, compared with the acquisitions of other foreigners. However, China is under pressure. The growth rates are declining, the country needs to modernize its economy with foreign technology. This opportunity to use the Federal government, to Beijing – from as a condition for open markets in Germany – for a stronger Opening of its state-run economy for German companies.

That China is surprised is not on the pan, surprised. Two years ago, Gabriel had said that Chinese investors are in Germany “very welcome”. Now he tried the Acquisition of the Augsburg-based robot manufacturer Kuka, a Chinese private company to avert the sale of the Munich-based light bulb manufacturer Osram is delayed and the acquisition of Aixtron by a Beijing-affiliated Investor stopped.

China wants to expand its Power

China makes no secret of the fact that it has an ambitious Plan to conquer up to 2025 in ten key industries to the world market, and up to 100. Anniversary of the people’s Republic of 2049 to a leading industrial power. To achieve this goal, strengthened the unity party, without scruples, their access to the country as a whole.

More about

it occurs as an entrepreneur, customer, competitor, Prosecutor, judge and Reporter. Abroad they sent to state-owned enterprises, strategically important companies to buy – at prices that the must pay off not only politically but not necessarily economically. To the rules of fair competition, has signed with China when it joined the world trade organization, considers that it is only to a limited extent.

It is not, so the question of whether China plays foul, but whether the Federal government has a Plan in dealing with the rise of the hungry country. The hustle and bustle, to find alternative buyers for German companies and the withdrawal of authorisations granted to take back, points to activism. This is likely to move to Beijing, is hardly to relent. Of Propaganda to teach the Chinese that they had been pushed in the last century of the Western States. The was over. The country sees itself as rich and powerful. Retaliation of German companies in China are not excluded.

appeasement is not the goal of a leader

fear of Beijing’s revenge, however, is also not a good guide. The German government deprived itself of your game room, directed their Actions only to the dependence of the German economy, the largest market in the world. The Federal government should address your discomfort in front of the opaque structures of the Chinese acquisitions, as well as the desire for less government in China’s market. Appeasement is not in their dealings with Beijing is mostly goal-oriented. Nationalist rhetoric, however, not the commies the better.

Eagerly wish for that, in truth, often a little self-conscious country, to meet the Rest of the world at eye level. Hardly something China’s leaders have so much fear, than to miss the leaps in Productivity that could revolutionize the automation of industrial Western societies. Then China would lose the connection to the top. This fear makes it from a Position of weakness act, less the thickness. For Germany this is a Chance.


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