Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rewe and Edeka: What’s the Deal, Tengelmann? TIME ONLINE

For Federal Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD), it is a success. “Of 15,000 sellers, butchers, warehouse workers, drivers, administrative employees and all other employees of Kaiser’s Tengelmann can celebrate Christmas without fear for their jobs,” he said to the media. For seven years, the jobs were guaranteed. “I’m very happy.”

the Minister and The trade Union Chairman Frank Bsirske, the relief to stand in his face. After a year-long suspended game to the future of Kaiser’s Tengelmann could mean yesterday’s agreement actually the breakthrough. Then the Jobs would be secured at least for the time being. The whole of the thing is not standing still. TIME ONLINE answers the most important questions.

Edeka and Kaiser’s Tengelmann now?

That depends on Edekas biggest competitor, Rewe, but it looks that way. As well as the chains Striking and Norma, Rewe against Gabriel’s controversial Ministerial approval for Edeka at the higher regional court of Düsseldorf had lodged a complaint. Subsequently, the court stopped the merger of an accelerated procedure. Distinctive and Norma withdrew their complaint, however, later.

If now, Rewe, as announced, to 11. November draws his action, the Minister permission for Edeka. Edeka has then free – also, the Federal cartel office may not interfere and must accept the branches, subject to conditions, such as Jobgarantien. Rewe makes the but only for a consideration – a “balance of interests”, as it was called, according to the agreement reached in the conciliation procedure. The financial details of the economy now choose the auditor, and further Details were not disclosed.

In the conversation is that, Rewe takes over a part of the Kaiser’s-Tengelmann-stores in Berlin. The Federal cartel office would have to agree, however, since the Ministerial approval is only valid for Edeka. It then examines the competitive situation on the “micro level”, i.e. in the various parts of the city, as expressed in the Justus Haucap, Professor at the University of Düsseldorf. He has created on behalf of Tengelmann, a report on the competitive effects of a possible merger with Edeka. As Rewe share in some of Berlin like Prenzlauer Berg and Grunewald is already the strongest player, it is obvious that the cartel office says no, explains Daniel Zimmer, Professor of business law in Bonn, had resigned in Protest against Gabriel’s Ministerial approval, as head of the monopolies Commission.

The Kaiser’s-Tengelmann supermarkets in Bavaria, however, should probably go to Edeka. What happens to the branches in North Rhine-Westphalia, is still unclear. There, Kaiser’s Tengelmann has the most supermarkets and Edeka is already very strong. Haucap says, if Edeka there, too, the Kaiser’s-Tengelmann-stores, it could in certain parts of the city to a dominant market position of Edeka – due to the Ministerial approval of the German cartel office has to report here but nothing more.

How safe are the jobs really are?

Gabriel had made the job guarantee to the pad for its Ministerial permission, in addition to apply in the stores, the change of the owner, the Collective. The working conditions for the employees are not allowed to deteriorate so much, even if your employer is soon a other.

in the medium To long-term perspective, Ex-monopoly Commission, the chief of the rooms to be feared, however, job losses. Because the Ministerial approval required Edeka, the get add purchased Kaiser’s-Tengelmann-stores. A statement about existing Edeka stores is not the permission but. If Duplication is not worth it might then be closed and their employees need to go. Room criticized: “As the jobs of the Emperor to the Minister of the economy’s Tengelmann employees are more important than the Edeka employees.”

Haucap looks less problematic. He rather suspects that employees are treated, should stores be closed. Because layoffs are a total of profitable companies is not Readily possible. But in the case of the Seven-year guarantees for the Kaiser’s-Tengelmann employees he, too, is skeptical. For this for a long time “I would not put my Hand into the fire,” said Haucap.

Jörg Funder, Professor and trade expert at the University of Worms, says: “Certainly, nothing is there. The enthusiasm on the reconciliation of interests I can’t share.”

And what is with the Kaiser’s-Tengelmann employees of Marketing and logistics?

For you see Haucap in the medium term, “black”. The Kaiser’s-Tengelmann Headquarters in mülheim’ll probably be closed, he will be expecting. On the other hand, skilled workers were employed there, would have no permanent Workplace and, at the time, the “Schlecker women”.


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