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Highway privatization: plans are concrete –

About the government’s plans to privatise the motorways, is already rumored to be longer. Now the project seems to be more concrete: According to the “mirror” wants to advise the Cabinet in December on an amendment to the basic law, which would be a prerequisite for it.

First motorway sections, which have been built with private funds, there is already – for example, the A1 and A31 of the sections. That the Federal government is eyeing to privatize the entire German motorway network, is at least denied. The months of circulating plans now seem to be more concrete: The “mirror” reported that Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble have proposed this week in the budget Committee the establishment of an infrastructure company, the financing, construction and operation of the roads. In this company, private investors should be involved – the majority should remain with the Federal government. Be provided to up to 49.9 percent of the infrastructure company to private investors sell.

“can be Strictly confidential”implemented

The Plan, according to the report, only by amendment of the basic law. The Federal government has developed the “mirror” , already a “strictly confidential” draft, according to which article 90 of the basic law is amended, that the Federal government managed in the future, the highways alone, not, as previously, with the countries.

will Pay could be the at the end all users of the car. The newly established motorway company to Finance, according to information from the revenue from the Truck toll. Internally, but also discussed the inclusion of the long dead believed that the road toll, the magazine writes. Schaeuble had said in the spring at a Meeting of the construction industry, a motorway company should be one step to Orient towards a more user Finanzierzung public infrastructure.

German motorways

Germany, one of the most extensive highway networks in the world. With more than 12.949 kilometres of the route network according to the networks in China, the USA and Spain, the fourth-longest. The with 962 kilometres the longest German motorway is the A7 from Handewitt to the Danish border to Füssen. On motorways in Germany no General speed limit for motor vehicles, but a recommended speed of 130 km/h. Since the December 31. August 2003 applies to Federal car a distance-based toll for Trucks tracks for over twelve tonnes gross vehicle weight.

Cabinet advises, apparently, at the beginning of December

The budgetary policy spokesman of the Greens in the Bundestag, Sven-Christian Kindler, criticized the Plan. “Schäuble wants to make banks and insurance companies, a billion-dollar gift,” he said to the “mirror”. Because these industries are looking for because of the low interest rates, long-term forms of investment with a secure return on investment. According to the report, the Cabinet should on 8. December about the plans advise. Currently, the Federal Chancellery negotiating firms on the Details with the heads of the State, because the States would also have to agree.

reported On this issue info radio on 12. November 2016 11:03 PM


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