Saturday, November 12, 2016

Software controls: Audi is in the legal grey area – NEWS

Saturday, 12. November 2016

In the course of VW-exhaust scandal, Audi had to admit, to have illegal Software used. In the past week, new allegations were added. Now, VW’s lawyers will have a paper on the Situation in the case of the daughter of posted.


The VW group subsidiary Audi sees according to media reports, facing the charge of, to have Motor-software, controllers, in a legal grey area. According to information from NDR, WDR and “süddeutsche Zeitung” Audi emission values in the case of official measurements on the test bench in the case of several models with special Software reduced. The media refer to a document to be created this week from the legal Department at VW.

“Due to the ongoing discussions with the authorities in the USA, we can speak only to the Situation in Europe,” said a VW spokesman. “Against the force travel Federal office (KBA) as the competent European approval authority, the Audi AG has explained the technical background to adaptive switching programs and technical information provided. Further discussions with the KBA will follow.”

In normal driving, supported this learner’s systems to the driver by the switch points adapted to the respective driving situation, it is said in the opinion. “Adaptive switching programs can be adulterated in the case of test bench measurements and non-reproducible results.” This is the eighth in the testing all the manufacturers.

In the Volkswagen-paper will be described according to the Reports, two cases. In one case it is a matter, as in the case of diesel, the operating temperature of the catalyst vehicles following the launch of a special program. The catalytic Converter reduces the pollutant emissions. The level 3, the most important stage, will be activated “under test conditions, almost always”, is quoted from the Volkswagen-paper. “Under normal driving conditions it comes in contrast, only extremely rare for the activation of the (…) level 3.” U.S. environmental protection authorities, see the VW-paper, here are three violations of the law, says the report. The KBA had assured Audi, therefore, in Europe they make no difference between the test bench and on the road.

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A second case relates to the according to media reports, diesel vehicles and diesel Audi’s in Europe and the USA, with automatic switching. On the test bench, the VW will switched to paper, according to be faster in the next gear than on the road. The guide to the test to lower nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide emissions than on the road. It could not be ruled out that the authorities regarded this as inadmissible, the VW paper quoted.

After the disclosure of the VW diesel scandal of 2015, also had to Audi to admit that in his six-cylinder-Diesel-long illegal exhaust Software was used. A week ago, a new allegation came to this: A report of the “Bild am Sonntag”, according to Audi, should also have gasoline engines to look for new tricks. Audi CEO Rupert Stadler must now again from the lawyers of US law firm Jones Day interview, on behalf of the VW Supervisory Board, determine.




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