Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Facebook and “Fake News” truth, nothing but the truth – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The term of the hour is: “Fake News”. You will be responsible for the fact that Donald Trump has won the presidential election. How to do this? Quite simply: In the public debate, for example, in the three television rounds with Hillary Clinton, he draws the Shorter of the press and professional observers he gets bad grades, on the Internet, but, in the “social” media, he as the winner. As such, he is recognised by corresponding mass by Bots spread comments, and all sorts of crude “news posts” to play him in the hands.

What to do?

Michael Hanfeld author: Michael Hanfeld, responsible editor for the features section Online and “media”.

What to do? Nothing to do, said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, first of all, We are a technology and not a media company. We take care of it, he says now, to refer not to the fact that ninety-nine percent of the content users can get on Facebook appear, “be authentic”. The percentage of fakes to redeem Zuckerberg now, and the search engine king, Google wants that too. In the process, they forfeited spread on an effective pressure medium: pages, the “Fake News”, and to flying from the advertising platforms of the corporations. These are those programs for which you can register as a provider Page, and automatically advertising on the page is played, the profit is shared between Google or Facebook and the site operators. The bill reads: any person Who disseminates false news, will get no more money.

More about

That sounds good, but is initially nothing more than rhetoric, to calm in America the Clinton supporters who can’t come to terms with the defeat of their candidate. Because just like that, the thing is, the self has recognized Mark Zuckerberg. To identify “the truth is complicated,” he writes in a Facebook Post. Complete fakes are easy to decrypt, in the case of half-truths, the is more difficult, and in the case of statements of opinion, finally, you just can’t go on with the rejoinder that it was “incorrect” or wrong, even.

referee in his own case?

Since you have the media Mogul who likes to give the world a Savior, and in this case, apparently, an under cover group of employees in-house before driving out to solve the thing with the “Fake News” itself, for once, right. An algorithm that solves the Problem, he will not find, and will not be able to program the colleagues from Google. You need an editorial, bright minds, and transparent guidelines for the content that you show and not show. You have to be careful not to be to referee in their own right, says Zuckerberg, and not “his truths”. Probably was. Incidentally, this is also what makes good journalism.


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