Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Kaiser’s Tengelmann, Edeka and Rewe is a breakthrough – MIRROR ONLINE achieve

The objection Edekas against the Takeover of the Coop-Stores by Rewe, seems to have the atmosphere is not overly clouded. In the dispute stores of the Kaiser’s-Tengelmann group, a major breakthrough.

Tengelmann store in mülheim


Tengelmann store in mülheim

The score of Rewe and Edeka a significant progress in their negotiations on the future of the supermarket chain Kaiser’s Tengelmann. There is an Agreement between Edeka and Rewe on the long controversial distribution of supermarkets, confirmed on Tuesday a Rewe spokesman. Edeka did not want to comment on, as well as Tengelmann. However, the agreement does not mean the final breakthrough, because up to now, the purchase price stayed at the conversations outside. However, it is conceivable that both sides could within two weeks on a contract, contact factory, BelTA learned from the initiated circles.

In the negotiations between Edeka and Rewe it comes to the implementation of the of the Old Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder mediated simply claim to the future of Kaiser’s Tengelmann from 31. October. These aims, according to insiders on the receipt of the approximately 15,000 jobs and a division of Kaiser’s Tengelmann. For example, in Berlin stores with a sales volume of around 300 million Euro to fall to Rewe. The Cologne to draw in return to an agreement with their lawsuit against the Ministerial approval for the Takeover of Kaiser’s Tengelmann by Edeka.

the next topic of debate: Coop

Tengelmann boss Karl-Erivan Haub had wanted to sell Kaiser’s Tengelmann originally as a Whole, to the industry leader Edeka. More than two years ago, he had sealed the transaction, a competitor, Rewe had the Look. The Bundeskartellamt refused to give his approval, but was overruled by Minister of economy, Sigmar Gabriel, by special permission. The higher regional court of Düsseldorf put, in turn, the Ministerial approval after a lawsuit brought by Rewe on ice. Rewe pulls back this is the way for Gabriel’s special permission again. Kaiser’s Tengelmann then falls to Edeka and the industry leader, after the completion of a definitive agreement with Rewe then markets to Cologne.

now come to an agreement is all the more launches amazing as Edeka already the next fight. Because the lawyers of the trade group have been inserted according to the “food newspaper” appeal against the decision of the Federal cartel office that the Acquisition of approximately 200 Coop-sanction stores by Rewe. A spokesman for the higher regional court of Düsseldorf confirmed on Tuesday the receipt of the complaint. According to the assessment of Edeka, the German Federal cartel office had not been created at the time of approval throughout the same standards as in the case of Kaiser’s Tengelmann, was the justification that the matter in familiar circles. Although Rewe and Coop had sold in the course of the approval procedure a total of eleven branches of the independent, medium-sized Bartels-Langness-group. However, these cuts Edeka is not enough apparently.


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