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Exhaust gas scandal in America: VW achieved also appears to be agreement in the Audi-engines – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

After months of negotiations, has done Volkswagen in America is a further important step to Overcome the exhaust-gas affair. The group had reached an agreement on the repair and buy-back of approximately 80,000 Diesel vehicles with 3.0-Liter engines, the subsidiary of Audi, said two with the negotiations, people familiar to the Reuters news Agency on Tuesday.

The compromise with the authorities, consider the offer to repurchase about 20,000 older vehicles and the repair of around 60,000 cars. On a claim for damages for vehicle owners due to excessive emissions will be negotiated with the lawyers. VW had already reached months ago in America, an agreement for roughly 475,000 diesel cars with the 2.0-Liter engine with an illegal defeat device.

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Volkswagen declined to comment and pointed to a pad of the district court in San Francisco, not to Express an opinion in the case. At the end of November, a hearing is scheduled. Judge Charles Breyer had recently declared that Audi have made in the negotiations with the American authorities about a solution for a total of 85,000 affected vehicles to make significant progress. He was optimistic that by the beginning of December an agreement could be achieved.

by the end of November should be the solution

The U.S. environmental protection Agency, EPA, gave no opinion. An Audi spokesman in America, said the company was working hard to put things back in order. “We are making great progress in our efforts to find a permit ready solution.” To wanted Details, he comment. As first reported by the news Agency Bloomberg had reported on the compromise.

From the clean car to dirty scandal Volkswagen chronicle: From the clean car to dirty scandal Interactive

Audi is in the VW group, for the development of large engines with three liters of displacement charge. The six-cylinder diesel engine from Ingolstadt comes apart in large sedans and SUVs from Audi, even in large-scale models of Porsche, and VW. The according to insiders at the affected 60,000 for newer sedans and SUVs the Software in the car updated. For the approximately 20,000 older vehicles with a separate, more complicated solution is expected.

The talks with the lawyers of owners of the car on compensation for excessive emissions values to take accordingly. By the end of November, when the next court is pending appointment in the America, is to be found a solution.

In Ingolstadt, you will breathe a sigh of relief

the Audi had admitted last year to have under American law as illegal existing Software in the case of six-cylinder Diesel engines with three liters of displacement built in, in order to manipulate the exhaust-gas values. Volkswagen had reached with the authorities and civil claimants already an agreement for roughly 475,000 diesel cars with the 2.0-Liter engine with an illegal defeat device, which can cost the group up to 16.5 billion dollars. Worldwide scandal flew about a year in America, approximately eleven million diesel vehicles affected are from the Exhaust.

A compromise also in the case of the 3.0-Liter engines in America would, in addition, enormous pressure from Audi boss Rupert Stadler. The Manager was the last to fall because of new allegations internally, stronger in the criticism. The environmental authority, the EPA initiated according to media reports, after the discovery of a new Cheat software for a case against Audi. It is checked according to insiders, whether it is the Software an illegal defeat device in the case of petrol engines. In addition, Stadler should be according to insiders a second Time by the investigators of the law firm of Jones Day interviewed, the VW has commissioned the refurbishment of the diesel affair.

The breakthrough in the six-cylinder engines come in a timely manner prior to the meeting of the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen this Friday, on the budget planning for the next years decided to<./p>


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