Sunday, November 20, 2016

Acquisition of Aixtron: Shattered trust: Sued DSW … – FOCUS Online

Sunday, 20.11.2016, 09:04 · Marco Cabras
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Federal Minister of Economics Gabriel had allowed the Adoption of the Chip-equipment specialist Aixtron by Chinese first, and then stopped. Is it his foreign policy strategy on the backs of the shareholders? DSW is now considering claims for compensation.

The dispute to the Federal Ministry of economic Affairs stopped the Adoption of the Chip-equipment manufacturer Aixtron by a Chinese Investor continues to escalate. After the Federal economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel had taken back the beginning of September, a previously issued clearance certificate to allow the takeover plans again to check, is already believed to be secure Deal and at the same time, the Management hoped-for rescue of the ailing Chip-equipment manufacturer by the Chinese Investor, Fujian Grand Chip Investment (FGC).

For the Management of the Aachen machine manufacturer that is just as incomprehensible as that for the DSW: The shareholders ‘ Association announced an action for damages against the Federal government to check, if the permission will not be given. “The Minister destroys trust”, criticised chief Executive, Marc Tüngler, “he was apparently in the pay of the US-American economic interests ranges.

Because one thing is also clear: If Aixtron go to the Chinese, had American competitors of the Aachen machine manufacturer in China, significantly worse card if it goes in the future, the award of new contracts, which appear to be quite safe," says Tüngler.

shareholders had confidence in the authorities

at the same time, he calls on Aixtron shareholders, engaging in your property position is not as God-given. “These shareholders have relied on a decision of the competent authority, and they were allowed to. This shall apply both in layman’s terms, in the Form of possible compensation claims as well as the. Because of Mr Gabriel makes the Aixtron shareholders to hostages of his new foreign policy strategy, is not acceptable", criticized Tüngler.

The DSW chief Executive, sees the procedure in the case of Aixtron, even in two ways negative. First of all, the case shows that in this country there is no strategically planned site policy against massive acquisition attempts by foreign investors. “How self-aware we have to deal here with the buyers of our industry from the far East? This is a basic question. And here I would have wished for much earlier, a slightly harder line. This is the more so when you consider that German companies in China may be in the rule active only if you have a local Partner", says Tüngler.

Gabriel must decide quickly

This conflict should be fought on the backs of the Aixtron shareholders, this is the second point of criticism may have, in the opinion of the DSW consequences. “Therefore, we are currently reviewing claims for compensation of the affected Aixtron shareholders, provided that our Federal Minister of the economy, continues to fail to the approval,” DSW managing Director. Affected shareholders can contact the DSW under 0211/6697-02 or by E-Mail at .

it is Clear, however, that “Mr Gabriel must now decide quickly, because Aixtron runs away the time. He waits too long, Aixtron get existential problems, and it would destroy hundreds of jobs", says Tüngler. If Aixtron so security is not relevant, to call you Gabriel, “Aixtron is the to save and to serve our security interests, to crush, rather than so much the porcelain”.

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