Saturday, November 19, 2016

VW boss: this is Why Americans get manage more –

the chief of The largest German car manufacturer creates with its customers. In a sweeping blow in the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung” (FAS) does not see the VW boss Matthias Müller, why the diesel scandal affected customer should be compensated in the European Union similar to that in the United States.

With harsh words, the Chairman of the Board of Volkswagen fought also against allegations that the German auto industry was sleeping through electro-mobility. Especially the car drivers in Germany, he threw in inconsistent behavior.

starting position “completely different”

But first, to the diesel scandal: Matthias Müller, the VW line, defended to the FAS to compensate their customers in Europe and Germany, with similar sums of money as in America. You can’t have the scissors over a comb, “the initial situation is completely different".

His justification: “The customers in Europe is not a disadvantage, neither the consumption nor the handling characteristics. And if I may add,” Müller continued: “On the one hand, many criticize the American legislation in other contexts, see TTIP. But when it comes to draw benefits from it, seems to be the American right to be the right way.”

“maximum …”

A similar Inkosequenz to the accused Müller of his potential clients on the topic of E-mobility: “On the one hand, think and act in a lot of German in everyday green, but when it comes to E-mobility, we have, as a consumer tip of Finger. So I have this paradoxical phenomenon is not understood yet.”

He dismissed the well-known allegations against the industry as a whole in Germany: “The car industry has since slept through anything. On offer it’s not, but the demand is lacking.”

E-mobility is also playing in the VW”future Pact”, the management Board and the works Council had presented, a Central role. The diesel scandal beleaguered car maker should be “also in the area of electric mobility to the world’s leading volume manufacturer,” it said in an internal information letter to the employees.


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