Sunday, November 20, 2016

USA put a Veto in case of purchase of Aixtron by Investor from China – German economic news

The U.S. CFIUS has notified that it’ll give unresolved U.S. national security concerns against the. The Deal should not be cancelled, the authority, the transaction ban.

Gefäannual Chips from Aixtron. (Photo: Reuters)

Dangerous Chips. (Photo: Reuters)

Against the controversial plans for Acquisition of German chip equipment maker Aixtron by a Chinese Investor, there is also political resistance in the United States. The U.S. CFIUS had informed both companies that it give unresolved U.S. national security concerns against the together, with shared Aixtron on Friday evening. Therefore, Aixtron had been suggested, the proposed Merger. Otherwise, you will not recommended to the US President, has in the case of the last word, to grant the release. The Investor Grand Chip Investment (GCI) and Aixtron have decided not to follow the withdrawal recommendation. The U.S. President have now 15 days time to decide on the project. GCI and Aixtron would continue to search actively in the negotiation ways, the US security concerns.

Grand Chip wants to buy the ailing chip plant manufacturer from North Rhine-Westphalia to 676 million euros. The Federal Ministry of Economics had, however, withdrawn in October, has already been granted permission for the project back and a months-long examination announced. To trigger, according to media reports, U.S. intelligence services have been, which would have informed the local authority about a possible military use of the semiconductor, which can be produced on Aixtron equipment. The Ministry had merely declared that it had received up to then not known to the security-relevant information. Aixtron had, however, rejected the possible safety concerns and said that for 30 years had been granted for Aixtron systems and export permits. In China, hundreds of such plants that came from Aixtron, and also the US rival Veeco.

The US authority FCIUS has the task to examine Acquisitions with a view to the consequences for national security. According to experts, it is very rare that they will stop the Merger immediately. Usually, the companies involved will be informed of the resistance to the authority and withdraw the application for approval of the Acquisition.

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