Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Federal government wants to privatize soon highways – MIRROR ONLINE

The Federal government’s plans to privatise the motorway network, to be more specific. To earn the insurance companies. Will pay for it at the end of may the drivers – per toll.

motorway triangle Nuthetal, close to Michendorf (Brandenburg)


the motorway triangle Nuthetal, close to Michendorf (Brandenburg)

Who is in Germany with his car on remote roads, you can usually count on two things: He will have to pay no toll. And the state takes care of the condition of the highways. Both could be about to change. Because the Federal government wants to privatize the entire highway network. The plans to take to concrete forms. (This message comes from the MIRROR. The new MIRROR, you can find here.)

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in the MIRROR

Heft 46/2016

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In the budget Committee of the Bundestag Federal Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU), campaigned this week for the establishment of an infrastructure company, the financing, construction and operation of the German motorways. Schäuble wants to participate in the company to private investors. The privatisation of Telekom and the Post in the nineties have shown that this way would be beneficial. The majority of the new company but had to remain with the Federal government.

schäuble’s plans can only be by amendment to the basic law be realized. A corresponding design (“strictly confidential, state: 19.10.2016″) has prepared the Federal government. It is intended to amend article 90 of the basic law so that the Federal government managed in the future Railways alone in the car, and not, as previously, together with the countries.

The Reform provides for the Option to sell up to 49.9 percent of the company to private investors. That would be the banks and insurance industry, which calls for better access to infrastructure projects. Because of the low interest rates on government bonds to financial institutions such as Allianz, Axa and other hands forms of wrestling alternative, long-term investment. They promise billions in investments in the motorway network and expect in return, stable returns.

in the end, the users of the infrastructure should Pay for it. The motorway company is to be financed from the revenue of the Truck toll.Even the long dead, felt that the road toll could play an important role. Roads need Finance at some point, “user-driven”, said Schäuble in the spring at a meeting of the construction industry. In internal rounds will now be discussed, specifically, the inclusion of the street for a fee.

The Frankfurt constitutional lawyer Georg Hermes holds the plans of the Federal government for a “creeping privatisation” of the road network. “Schäuble wants to make banks and insurance companies, a billion-dollar gift,” said the budget policy spokesman of the Greens in the Bundestag, Sven-Christian Kindler. On 8. December is supposed to be introduced the Reform to the Cabinet. Currently, the Federal Chancellery is negotiating Details with the heads of the state chancelleries, as the States must also agree.

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