Sunday, November 13, 2016

Force travel Federal office in numerous car models, higher values of CO2 – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Too high CO2-values when drivers jam.

auditors according to media reports, numerous car models, measured CO2 values higher than given by the manufacturers. Results of the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt, the existence of the “Spiegel” and “süddeutsche Zeitung”, several manufacturers will be a bad testimony. The measurements were made according to the Reports, in the framework of the Commission of inquiry of the German Federal Ministry of transport, the Diesel scandal. The data are taken according to the “süddeutsche Zeitung” from the summer. In the case of the exhaust-gas affair, it was originally “only” increased nitric oxide levels. Too high CO2-values imply, however, significantly more diesel consumption and therefore more fuel costs for the owner of the car.

So should consume two Audi A6 models over 35 per cent, or almost two litres of Diesel. Large deviations of up to one litre increase in consumption has also resulted in a Jaguar XE, the Mercedes C220, the Opel Zafira, the Volvo V60 and the Porsche Macan. Of the manufacturers responding to demand of the mirror, so far, only Volkswagen.

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From Wolfsburg, it was, therefore, not more wool in the future, exhaust all the permissible ways to determine if the consumption measurement as low as possible values. Therefore, officially, the consumption figures indicated are for the Touareg and Passat already increased.

In may, announced by the Federal Ministry of transport to clarify possible Exceedences of CO2 values for cars more tests. In connection with nitric oxide-measurements, the excessive CO2-values found. “The eye-catching vehicles have been supplied to a CO2 investigation,” informed the transport Ministry on Saturday. “The investigations are not yet complete. The results will be published after the conclusion of the investigation in a separate report."


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