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Special gains in the year – passenger slowdown to save Fraport holds – FOCUS Online

Thursday, 03.11.2016, 09:16
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At the Frankfurt airport, the downturn in passenger business is also the beginning of the autumn.

In October, the operator was one of Fraport 0.3 percent fewer passengers than a year earlier. For the first ten months, a decline of 1.1 percent to beech is thus Germany’s largest Airport. Thrust gets Fraport from abroad. Thanks to a share of sales in Russia and the long-awaited compensation for the broken terminal project in the Philippines, Fraport-Chef Stefan Schulte expected to 2016, a big leap in profits. Meanwhile, the Irish Ryanair 2017 to flight a new cheap Era in Frankfurt to usher.

in The financial markets the news is not caused enthusiasm. In early trading, the papers were one and a half percent….

as a result of the special revenue is expected to reach operating profit (Ebitda) of 1.04 to 1.08 billion euros, as the MDax-listed company announced on Thursday in Frankfurt. So far, Fraport had spent 850 to 880 million euros as the target. The Surplus should climb to around € 300 million now to 400 up to 440 million euros.

Fraport had rid of its stake in the Pulkovo airport in Russia’s St. Petersburg earlier in the summer, in part, to the sovereign wealth funds of the Arab Emirate of Qatar. The Deal by the end of this year completed and Fraport to contribute 35 million euros of profit. A further 120 million euros of profit, the management Board expects the compensation for the broken Terminal project in the Philippine capital of Manila. Since the government Fraport had expropriated the beginning of the Millennium, had fought in Frankfurt for 14 years to a compensation and a few weeks ago.

In the nuclear business at our headquarters in Frankfurt in this year, however, rather bleak. In the summer, the Board approved of his goal to increase the number of passengers on the well 61 million from the previous year. Rather, Schulte expects a slight decline. Also the group’s turnover is expected to be 2.6 billion Euro lower than in the spring.

In the third quarter, Fraport recorded a sales increase of one percent to 735 million euros. Operating profit, however, declined by two percent to 298 million euros. The bottom line is almost 15 percent less amounted to just under € 125 million a year earlier.

in the face of declining passenger Fraport opens in Frankfurt now for low-cost airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet. So far, the share of low-cost airlines in Frankfurt is only four percent. From the end of March 2017, will now Europe’s largest low-cost airline Ryanair has two aircraft in Frankfurt station and four daily flights to Spain and Portugal. The following Winter, the Irish intend to expand their flight service in Frankfurt vigorously. In order to be the low-cost airlines more closely meet Schulte intends to improve the operations at Germany’s largest Airport. So the aircraft should be landing within half an hour, ready to start again.

Fierce dispute triggered Fraport with discounts on passenger charges, which Ryanair Frankfurt should benefit. Condor boss Ralf Teckentrup protested against the alleged special conditions. Lufthansa-Chef Carsten Spohr said that the company will not pay more than Ryanair. He expects annual savings of 200 to 300 million euros.

Fraport CEO Schulte wants to attract with temporary fees-discounts for new Airlines. Companies in Frankfurt already present and has to be paid at the opening of new routes at the beginning, also less passenger fees. The Details of the proposed scale of Charges are still under lock and key. The Hessian Ministry of transport must approve the incentive system.

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