Thursday, November 3, 2016

Air France-KLM plans to launch new long-haul subsidiary – boost for Transavia – FOCUS Online

Thursday, 03.11.2016, 11:44
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The airline Air France-KLM wants to stretch with a new long-daughter, Arab rivals such as Emirates Paroli.

The new company will compete in France in parallel to Air France and the group re-enable, in competitive markets, new Connections. “The Status quo is not an Option,” said the new CEO Jean-Marc Janaillac on Thursday in Paris. “We need to develop a new dynamism, to get our markets back into a leadership position.”

The stock market recorded the messages after the initial exchange rate losses, a positive. Until late morning, shares of Air France-KLM in Paris gained more than two percent in value.

want The pure point-to-point traffic Janaillac, in the future, only the low-cost subsidiary Transavia and the regional subsidiary Hop! leave – similar to what Lufthansa does with its low-cost subsidiary eurowings. Air France and KLM to concentrate on the traffic to the hubs in Paris and Amsterdam. Similar to the Lufthansa completed their Europe flights away from Frankfurt and Munich under its low-cost eurowings brand. This should be due to lower salaries and operating costs in competition with other Billigheimern such as Ryanair and Easyjet.

The planned, names of routes, long-daughter is part of a new, more extensive future plan, with the help of the group’s new chief wants to equip the French-Dutch airline until the end of the decade, against the competition of low-cost airlines such as Ryanair and aggressively growing airlines from the Middle East. Thus, the Manager is risking another fight with unions. This had resisted in the past, with violent strikes against restructuring – for example, against the Expansion of the low-cost subsidiary Transavia.

Air-France-KLM-Chef Janaillac wants to bring the group now in Long again on the Offensive, after the company had lost in this area last market share. The new long-distance daughter, he wants to use, especially in markets with particularly tough competition. This also applies to routes on which Air France flying so far or losses of the company in the past few years. Approximately 30 percent of its business to achieve the new flight line on newly opened routes.

not to compete in accordance with the will of the management, specifically as a low-cost airline. The group presented a “simple, modern and innovative offer”. What is to distinguish this from long-haul routes of the Lufthansa subsidiary, eurowings, though, remained open. In the Cockpit, the pilots of Air France are to sit in. Their working conditions want to customize Janaillac but in the competitive environment. Conditions for the flight attendants he wants to decouple from the level of the former state airline, Air France.

a Total of Janaillac tank on the long haul up to 2020, a profitable annual growth of two and three percent. Then the group should come to 100 million passengers – that would be a quarter more than the 79 million from last year.

In the summer made the Air France-KLM to create the fear of terrorism in Europe. Because the ticket prices continued to fall, fell, sales in the third quarter with 6.9 billion euros, five percent lower than in the previous year. The operating profit fell despite the significantly cheaper fuel by 15 percent to 745 million euros. The Surplus, however, increased by 13 per cent to 544 million euros, after a year, before depreciation and amortization and unfavorable currency exchange rates had a negative effect on the result.

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