Monday, November 14, 2016

Siemens – In The Billion – Stroke Sü

Siemens boss Joe Kaeser presents the group on the head: He buys for $ 4.5 billion, the Software company Mentor Graphics. The Munich-based equip themselves for industry 4.0.

Caspar buses and Thomas Fromm

There are probably a few companies, the different phases of life such as Siemens. Time little happened, the group just works. But there were also phases in which everything changed. It was the turn of the Millennium, as the group ausgliederte be halbleiterher business under the name of Infineon. Or as the group began more than ten years, communication and telephone business. Or as he separated three years ago from his lighting company Osram. Now it is that time again.

On Monday, the group announced a surprise, to take over the US software specialist Mentor Graphics – for the sum of 4,5 billion dollars. Chief financial officer Ralf Thomas said it was a “fundamental milestone”. The “milestone” will contribute in three years, to the profit of Siemens. But the price seems high. The future is very expensive.

The Munich-based sense behind the digitization of the factories, the big business

The company is from the US state of Oregon primarily produces Software for the construction of semi-conductors, just out of the Chip business was the industry group years ago dropped out, as he, Infineon is listed on the stock exchange. The Argument at the time: The Chip business, with its violent and prone to fluctuations and therefore difficult to predict. Mentor Graphics has now, ironically, Infineon, and thus indirectly also other areas of industry, such as auto companies and their suppliers as well as carriers under contract. CFO Thomas said: “We get back in the business with semiconductors.” It is much more about the positioning as a system supplier. It is clear that Kaeser works to further his great plan for the future. Siemens is one of the major players on the market for the digitalization of the industry.

two years Ago, bought in Munich for nearly eight billion dollars to the American oil industry equipment supplier Dresser-Rand, here, too, the price was considered very high. Finally, you put your wind energy business with those of the rival Gamesa. Now it’s that time again, it’s tag time, and if Siemens remodels, it is about billion.

in this new case. Piece by piece the company operates, Acquisition, Acquisition, in the direction of industry 4.0: The people of Munich had already bought ten years ago, the US software company UGS; most recently, she accessed the U.S. company CD-Adapco. Alone, these industry software company was committed to Kaeser at the beginning of the year about a billion dollars cost. Last week you participated in the smaller simulation provider Bentley Systems. And now Mentor Graphics, a company with 5700 employees and a turnover of 1.2 billion dollars. Siemens, 1847 in Berlin founded, and the industry 4.0 billion, the company is for a business, you are expected to a great and profitable future.

In the past fiscal year, Siemens had implemented with Software and digital services to the 4.3 billion Euro with a total turnover of almost 80 billion Euro. However, this should not remain so, Kaeser wants to make digital transactions up to the year 2020 to be one of the most important pillars of the company. “Mentor complements our strong offering Mechanical and Software Design, Test and Simulation of electrical and electronic systems”, said the responsible Siemens managing Board member Klaus Helmrich.

The lucrative future has its price: the stock Mentor Graphics was the last of the $ 3.3 billion value – Siemens is now paying 4.5 billion dollars one-fifth more. The shareholders will now receive 37,25 dollars per share. Major shareholder, Elliott, a hedge Fund out of New York, had only joined two months ago with a good eight per cent in the case of Mentor. Elliott support the transaction, said Siemens. No wonder, it is also a lush premium – for a promising business, it will allow the group now, “the entire chain” of the products is to look to the Siemens-Software Manager, and Chuck Grindstaff. This means that Siemens, which once used to, among other things, a communication company, today especially medical technology, Industrial automation, railway equipment and energy technicians, will always be more to a Digital-to-group. Because the margins are good.

Only last week, Kaeser had presented a good overall balance. The currency-neutral sales increased six per cent, of the income from continuing operations by 13 percent. The Outlook is against the Trend of the industry, good sales and profit to continue to increase, said Kaeser. The Munich-based promises good shops, including the factory automation. The share price rose on Monday after the communication easily, it is currently trading close to 110 euros and thus higher than 16 years ago, at that time, the stock market was still in the Internet fever.

The change at Siemens is obvious, even if Takeovers in the U.S., Siemens is rare good luck. So, among other things, the medical technology, the second largest and most profitable division is to go, soon to be listed on the stock exchange. Details of the schedule Kaeser not price. Also, he avoided a clear commitment that the majority should remain in the group. The group chief said that the medical technology “will be one of the most important shops”.


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