Monday, November 14, 2016

Lufthansa: pilots want to vacation to strike – even in the Christmas – daily mirror

In the case of the Lufthansa strike, the pilots are threatening again. The pilot Union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) said on Monday the content of collective negotiations as a failure and rejected the offer of Lufthansa, the talks under the guidance of a conciliator. “Lufthansa and Lufthansa Cargo combat measures is to be expected from now on with work. Exact duration and scope of which we will announce with a lead time of 24 hours," said VC President Ilja Schulz on Monday in Frankfurt am Main.
The Lufthansa subsidiaries Eurowings and Germanwings will not be affected by the strike by the pilots, they could be companions of the flight, represented by the trade Union Ufo, strike.
For the past five years have given it to for the approximately 5400 pilots did not raise the salary any more, and now the Lufthansa call, in fact, a zero round. “Real wage cuts in periods in which a company is profitable, acceptable”, criticized Schulz. Now VC calls for an increase in the salaries for this period by a total of almost 20 percent. The strike should last longer, is VC only on exposure to the Christmas days, from the 24. up to the 26. December without. Then also, strikes during the Christmas holidays, from today’s point of view.

On the back of a customer

“It is absolutely incomprehensible why the VC strikes, threatens to be again carried out on the backs of our customers, instead of going with us in the arbitration,” said Lufthansa personnel Executive Board Bettina Volkens. Lufthansa has offered reported an increase in the remuneration of 2.5 per cent for five years. VC speaks of a zero-round. “Not even the loss of purchasing power is to be compensated”, said Schulz.
so Far, the pilots have 2014 and 2015, a total of 13 Times by the strike, mainly because of the age and transitional care. Now it comes to salaries. Schulz, the emoluments have not been increased since may 2012. Real earned Lufthansa pilots today, five percent less, while the average tariff salaries have increased since 2012 to 15 per cent. At the same time, Lufthansa will have flown in profits of five billion euros. “Go and ask the chief Executive officer Carsten Spohr, why he wants to let the pilots not the company’s success&# 8221;, rumbles Schulz.
Against this Background, the VC for the past five years calls for an increase from an average of 3.66 percent per year, which adds up to a total exposure of 18.3 percent. “This corresponds approximately to the average increase of the gross wages in Germany in this period,” says Schulz. “That’s why the requirement is not disproportionate”. VC, according to the entry-level salaries for Lufthansa pilots are at an average of 4800 per month. On average, Lufthansa-Pilot earn 140,000 euros a year. Thus, the pilots were international in midfield. Lufthansa. The starting salary amounts to 78,000 euros, in the peak, there were 256.000 Euro.

structural adjustment required

in addition to the tariff increases, the VC calls for a structural adjustment. While the pilots could rise to ten to twelve years to captain, takes this now 17 to 20 years. “That also is associated with financial disadvantages,” says Schulz. What VC says is that the salaries of the pilots of the Treaty by the so-called principle of Seniority to rise, according to a Lufthansa spokesperson, regardless of the tariff automatically every year by three percent – a provision unheard of in any other industry. According to the collective agreements for old – age and transitional care. Here there are no talks.
The Lufthansa group are not threatening but only to labor disputes with the pilots, but also with the flight attendants. Although the trade Union Ufo and the Airline at the mediation by the former Minister-President Matthias Platzeck had agreed to a collective agreement, but hapere it with the implementation, said the head of the flight attendants ‘ Unio n, Nicoley Baublies, the daily mirror. In the case of the Lufthansa subsidiaries Germanwings and Eurowings, there is no collective bargaining agreement. Consequence: “In the case of Germanwings and Eurowings strikes are possible,” said Baublies. They are also “short-term” conceivable. However, the Ufo boss is still hoping for an amicable solution.

What customers want

unlike in the case of normal delays and flight cancellations clients who are the victims of strikes, and may require, as a rule, no compensation from the Airline. If the Lufthansa committed to a strike plan, so trying to keep defaults to a minimum, can’t the passengers expect compensation, warns Ronald Schmid plan from Internet service providers Fair. Passengers should be at the airport stranded, in need of care by the Airline but to the customer: meals, if necessary, to make a Bed, phone calls – it can challenge the traveler. In addition, Lufthansa will have to pay a replacement carriage, says Schmid – these may be railway or bus tickets for domestic routes or a flight with the competition. (dpa)


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