Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ryanair and Lufthansa: Why the two machines in Frankfurt are no attack – MIRROR ONLINE

Ryanair controls in the future, the Frankfurt airport – with only two machines, mind you. The Platzhirsch Lufthansa is enraged. The worst of the Emergency has but a third party.

Dinah deck, stone, Munich, Germany

Lufthansa and Ryanair at Frankfurt airport


Lufthansa and Ryanair at Frankfurt airport

Two machines, an airline like Ryanair with 350 Jets are not that much. Nevertheless, the decision by the Irish airline to kidneys in Frankfurt two Boeing models 737, station triggered a violent reaction. Company boss Michael O’leary’s plan as “an attack on Lufthansa,” it says.

it is Now Yes, probably an Attack. Otherwise, the native of Ire and industry, the scare would not have parked only two Jets and instead of pensioners destinations like Mallorca or Alicante European metropolises or domestic targets.

Nevertheless, the decision is remarkable and marks a turning point in European aviation history. In the industry a kind of iron law was true over the decades, according to the respective national carriers and the Management of his home airport keep closely together. If necessary, unwanted intrusions has been denied the necessary takeoff and landing times.

Fraport-Chef Stefan Schulte, who announced the Pact with the Lufthansa headquarters in Frankfurt now and be opened to other low-cost competitors on the Rhine-Main-land Airport – out of sheer Need. He does not grow his own company is not nearly as fast as hoped, and this is also due to the Lufthansa opened fewer new routes than expected. Schultes expect two major shareholders, the state of Hesse and the city of Frankfurt, but a stable dividend. Therefore, he wants to lure the cheap now with discounts and bonuses for new destinations. This is bold.

Lufthansa-Chef Spohr insists as a Still-Platzhirsch on equal treatment. Finally, Lufthansa has helped the airport with its fees only to the present size. Politically Schultes course could be dangerous. The third runway at Rhine-Main Airport was once justified with the supposedly expected stormy growth of air traffic. This now threatens to be holding off. Therefore, Schulte comes to the price of crushers widely, perhaps a bit too far.

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