Thursday, November 10, 2016

Record on the Dow, Nasdaq under pressure – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

A day after the victory of Donald Trump in the American presidential election, the Wall Street relies more on an economic boost to the future policy of the billionaire. Trumps announcements such as tax cuts, deregulation of banks and higher spending for defense and infrastructure, evaluated the investors positively. His economic plans are at least perceived to be, in the short term as invigorating.

The Dow-Jones Index of the default values quoted shortly after the trade opening of a percent in the Plus at a record high of 18.768,39 points. The 500 values of the market in terms of its width covering the S&P 500 increased significantly.

Also on Wednesday had digested the financial markets, the victory of Trump faster than expected. A positive effect was also seen that the Republicans claimed the majority in both Congress chambers.

but Above all, some traders are betting that Trump will be able to implement his controversial election campaign announcements, not in this Form, because it would thwart the Republican dominated Congress. In this respect, it has set itself on a more or less classical-Republican policy. This is a business-friendly and preferred by Wall Street.

the Trends, However, are not very stable. This also shows that the expected turbulence in the case of the Trumps are the victory occurred only in other Form, namely as a price fall, but in the Form of erratic movements, where patterns and Trends are difficult to distinguish, and not of duration.

reason is the uncertainty: exchange rate gains are often used for short-term speculation and to some profit taking later for a profit.

The Dow Jones came back from his initial record rapidly, but remained at a record level. This he came close in the later course of trading. Still volatile, the market breadth of the S&P 500. This had to be approached first of its record high of 2190 points, up to eight Digits. Meanwhile, the Index oscillates around its previous day’s closing.egg 2160 meters in the negative.

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the big winners were first, shares of pharmaceutical and biotech companies. These products since last summer, under pressure, as Hillary Clinton had announced a limit on the price of medicines. However, the profits of which are melted in the meantime, before a new purchase, started to wave.

A high rate plus it was also the beginning stocks of the defense industry such as Lockheed Martin or Northrop Grumman. Trump has announced an increase in military spending.

slipped in Contrast, the technology stocks is significantly negative. Amazon give currently five percent, Facebook and Alphabet four percent, Apple three. The Index of technology exchange Nasdaq falls 1.3 percent to 5182. This had originally started higher and at 5302 counters one percent in the Plus.

“the Silicon Valley was against Trump,” Vrbsky. That Trump has shown just as a friend of the Tech company, Stokes now Worried about their future development. Tech-companies, which mainly produce in foreign countries, for example, Apple has a Trump in sight. In terms of Amazon, he has already announced, to counter its supremacy tackle.

In Germany slipped in share prices on Thursday in the negative territory. The F. A. Z.-Index fell 0.7 percent to 2107 counter. The Minus of the Dax’ was driven by the foreign stock exchanges, with 0.15 per cent, 10.630 points lower. The default value of the index had come in the course of the day even the brand of 10,800 points close to, which had proved to be however already in August and October as a strong resistance.

The discrepancy to the F. A. Z.-Index shows the significant reductions in the smaller values, and technology shares. The share price of the Norma Group drops to ten percent, after the car has supplier reduced its sales target. Also, Nordex according to a forecast reduction in deep in the Minus. The prospect of rising interest rates in the United States brings Deutsche Wohnen and other real estate values under pressure. A weaker revenue growth, investors of Zalando nervous. The share price falls of more than six percent.

Convincing reasons for the negative trend are not evident. Sometimes the slide of the American technology is used, but this is not convincing in view of the industry distribution.

is Much more likely to the choice of Trumps is seen in Germany, significantly more negative than in the United States. At least that was the ballistic to the extent of his entitlement as the protektin and “America first”tendencies of the new President of the European trade at the expense could go partners, and thus also the export nation of Germany.

However, snagging this Argument in the light of the ten greatest losers in the FAZ-Index only partially. It can be for Adidas or Symrise apply, but not for Drillisch, Ströer or Zalando.


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