Friday, November 18, 2016

Job cuts at Volkswagen: With full braking from the crisis – daily mirror

Europe’s largest auto group, Volkswagen intends to find the largest number of job removal program for the past ten years, a way out of the doldrums and set up for the era of electric mobility. The Board of management and the General works Council presented in Wolfsburg on Friday, a “Pact for greater efficiency and sustainability” at the core Volkswagen brand. The Plan provides for the removal of 30 000 of the world’s 215000 in the next few years. In Germany, 23000 the 120000 jobs will be eliminated.

They wanted to streamline production and administration, it said. With the program, the cost should decrease from the year 2020 to a year, to 3.7 billion Euro. “Volkswagen needs to quickly earn money for the coming storm guard,” said VW brand chief Herbert Diess. So he seemed to refer not only to claims for damages from car buyers around the world set since the advent of the exhaust-gas scandal claims in the billions to the manufacturer. Unlike Audi, Porsche and other brands of the VW group, the core brand was already before the outbreak of the scandal as the rate of return to be weak and relatively poor to a future without internal combustion engines prepared.

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VW is one of the largest car manufacturers of the earth. Or at least it was, before a criminal-looking management error the brand of ruin. Now the losses are socialized from it, one after the ‘the’.

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Both the at Volkswagen are particularly influential works Council as well as the state of lower Saxony, which holds around a fifth of the shares in the company, this Plan – mainly because the car maker relies on a voluntary separation of the employees and compulsory redundancies until the end of the year 2025 complete. “That’s nine years without fear,” said works Council chief Bernd Osterloh. The Pact had light and shadow, he is after a long struggle, a compromise acceptable for both sides. Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD), regretted the job losses, calling it “necessary”.

The detection of the exhaust gas scandal at VW by a U.S. environmental protection Agency in September 2015, had triggered a wave of investigations against other manufacturers and experts causes, for example, in brochures specified consumption and emission values to measure. Middle of this week the research group ICCT results had presented that new vehicles consume, for example, up to 42 percent more Fuel and more climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2) to emit as specified. “In order for consumers to be able to when buying a car estimate operating costs, you can rely on the manufacturer’s specifications,” said the head of the Federal Association of consumer organisations (vzbv), Klaus Müller, the daily mirror. The additional costs in fuel consumption and, potentially, the threat of additional claims in the motor Vehicle tax are likely to remain in the consumer’s hanging. He called on Federal transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU), to ensure transparency . The results of the force travel Federal office to the exhaust gas scandal should finally be published.

exhaust affair pushes more profits at Volkswagen

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