Friday, November 18, 2016

Court of auditors criticises the Jobcenter: measures “often useless” –

more than 1.7 million Hartz-IV recipients are not looked after according to the Federal court of audit very effectively. Support for the Integration in the labour market, such as One-Euro-Jobs or further education were “often useless”.

The auditors of the Federal court of auditors, the case managers in the job centers is a bad witness: The care of the Hartz-IV-recipients “are still significantly in need of improvement”, according to a report from the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” quotes. The support programmes are “often just happen to be successful.”

These programmes cost a lot of money: a so-called One-Euro-jobs according to the Federal court of auditors, an average of almost 700 euros per participant, training nearly 6000 Euro. In total, there were, according to the Federal employment Agency alone in the last October of around a billion euros.

In the ideal case, receive the Hartz IV recipients according to the funding measure a “real” Job. However, the auditors did not criticise the fact that the employees of the job centres are talking, in many cases, before the end of the promotion with the participants about how it might go. In every third case, the completion of a funding measure had not been taken on the occasion of the strategy for Integration in the labour market. These deficits had been identified, the Federal Agency, according to the “SZ” two years ago.

The official inspectors of the Federal court of auditors had taken, according to the newspaper report by the end of 2015, nearly 500 cases in eight job centres under the magnifying glass. You would have found that in almost two out of five cases, the results of the action documented and the records had not been updated. The specialists in the job centers would have to comply with Central requirements of the Federal Agency or internal instructions of the local authorities, miss.

The auditors come to the conclusion that the defects were “a major reason for this is that labour market policy measures and subsequent conciliation efforts are ineffective”. Will be ignored in the job centers, the knowledge base of the job seekers, could have “a negative impact on the Motivation of the beneficiaries”.


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