Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Frankfurt: Lufthansa wants to Ryanair-attack with their own cheap flights counter – MIRROR ONLINE

she came to the cheap competitors before: About an hour before the announced press conference of Ryanair rushed straight in the Lufthansa and threatened to take measures against the plans of the Irish, to the Lufthansa in its home airfield in Frankfurt, directly in competition with. If that happens, let Lufthansa-Chef Carsten Spohr, will respond to his Airline adequately: “If we have to bring eurowings to Frankfurt, then we will do that.”

it was Previously that low-cost airlines fly from there, where it is cheap. Ryanair invented the concept of “, so to Speak, so-and-So-objective”: Initially, the Irish line-selling goals, such as Hahn in the Hunsrück as a kind of extended Frankfurt (125 km distance, approximately 1.5 hours driving time) or Weeze on the Dutch-German border as a kind of distant suburb of Düsseldorf (80 km, about an hour’s drive). Meanwhile, the Airline is, at least, its passengers clearly indicate that you will land near a major city, but in pose, muckel.

many of these airports were in the middle of nowhere and about miserable traffic had connections, made the offers of the low cost carrier to offers the second choice – interesting for saving joyful weekend tourists, but not for Business travelers. The situation is different when the line started to use the large hubs – for-hit Lufthansa this is not a tempting prospect.

Lufthansa-Chef Spohr, a possible Ryanair-Engagement in Frankfurt, observed “with great interest”. Ryanair flights with Offers of their own low-cost airline to counter would not be obvious, for Lufthansa, however, also painless: As a response to direct competition from Ryanair that could only work by unterböte the Lufthansa-own deals within the group.

Lufthansa calls for the same discounts

The low-cost airline market leader, confirmed on Wednesday afternoon that he will offer from next summer, the first flights from the Airport Frankfurt. The first Frankfurt destinations served by the Airline will be Palma de Mallorca (PMI) to Alicante (ALC), and Malaga (AGP) in Spain, and Faro (FAO) in Portugal.

“We are pleased that we will have in the future, with Ryanair Europe’s leading Low-Cost Airline in the program,” said Dr. Stefan Schulte, Chairman of the Board of the airport operator Fraport AG. The cooperation with Ryanair was designed to be a long-term growth of the Airline at the airport Frankfurt. First of all, Ryanair is kidney two planes in Frankfurt station.

Fraport refers to the “growing importance” of the low-cost airline segment. The operator wants to react – and probably also their dependence on the major customer, Lufthansa, reduce, so far 60 percent of the passengers in Frankfurt.

Lufthansa is not willing to do so different fees for different Airlines add – there’s a fierce dispute over the flight – and landing fees is on the horizon. Lufthansa requested by Fraport, the same discounts, to give to the new customers, Ryanair.

His company will not pay more than Ryanair, said Lufthansa Chairman and CEO Carsten Spohr on Wednesday. So 200 to 300 million euros per year could be saved. He could not imagine that the Hessian Ministry of transport will approve as supervision, different fees. Otherwise, it will transfer to Lufthansa, only the lower Ryanair fees. And to pay less, Spohr, will be to the benefit of Lufthansa more than the new competitor could damage her: “So much can’t annoy the Ryanair aircraft, as the decrease in fees will help.”

the press conference of Lufthansa was announced: Actually, it had to mainly go to the current Figures of the last strikes of headline-grabbing company. The were surprisingly good, however, there are further savings requirements.

The white also Spohr, the announced, especially for short-haul flights want to be increasingly used to buy machines in order to reduce costs. Thanks to better technology, planes have a longer life time and the market for used equipment is currently well-explained Lufthansa-Chef. “As a result, we can reduce the total investment and over the next few years to stabilize. And we make sure that it is not the entire fleet at the same time, the maximum life time.”


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