Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Aviation: Ryanair attacks Lufthansa in Frankfurt – daily mirror

He could have done it as a feeling of competition. However, Lufthansa-Chef Carsten Spohr has nothing against that in the future Ryanair Jets landing at Frankfurt airport, the home base of Lufthansa. On the contrary, Spohr wished for a reduction in fees at the largest German airport. On 8. April next year will lift off with the beginning of the summer flight plan for the first time, four machines of Ryanair to Alicante, Malaga and Palma de Mallorca and to the Portuguese Faro.

Spohr welcomes the presence of the Irish in Frankfurt. You stand at many airports in Europe with Ryanair in competition.

However, he also made it clear that Lufthansa had to be addressed in view of the charge-the same as Ryanair. “Starting in the summer of next year, I expect savings in the fees in Frankfurt from 200 to 300 million euros”. Legally he could think of nothing else. That of all the Irish help in the long-awaited relief, so that he could live. “Ryanair can’t annoy us so much, as the reduction in fees helps”. But since he could deceive.

the approval is expected in November

Fraport CEO, Stefan Schulte, the intention of Spohr’s rejected for lower fees. Incentives only for new carriers or for those already in Frankfurt, active Airlines, if you fly to new destinations. The latter could then apply for the Lufthansa offshoot Euro wings. Spohr will certainly also bring eurowings machine according to Frankfurt, when it was necessary. So far, there is only a connection to Rostock.

The Frankfurt airport operator Fraport wants to support the departure of the Irish in Frankfurt with a three-year run incentive programs. Schulte, the volume on Wednesday was wanted after for the first Time ever, a Ryanair machine in Frankfurt had landed, not in the Detail name. Such programs should, however, apply to all new Airlines in Frankfurt and new destinations to fly to. “This can be the fees for takeoff and landing, and the handling is a discount of 40 to 50 percent,” said Schulte.

Still, of course, the program from the Hessian economy is not approved by the Ministry as the Supervisory authority. Schulte is expected in November.

ticket on sale now

Despite the pending approval, Ryanair even sold from now on, Tickets for the four flights from Frankfurt, as David O’brien, commercial Director at Ryanair, said on Wednesday – and this for prices starting at 9,99 Euro. Frankfurt is Ryanair a strategic Basis, and will continuously be further expanded. 400,000 passengers will fly in the first year from / to Frankfurt with the Irish.

cheap flyers invested in the appearance of Germany’s most important airport of around 180 million euros. The Boeing 737-800 Jets to Ryanair should be on the apron of Terminal 2 handled.

“We need to open ourselves up for low-cost airlines, mainly because of competition from other airports. It is the fastest growing Segment in air transportation," said Fraport CEO Schulte. Ryanair-Manager, O’brien assured that the will have the departure in Frankfurt no impact on the flights of the Irish of only 120 kilometers from the airport in Rhineland-Palatinate Hahn, referred to Ryanair as “Frankfurt-Hahn”.

Lufthansa presents Figures

Lufthansa-Chef Spohr wants to expand its cheap offshoot Euro wings, despite the recent strikes and the conflict with the flight attendants ‘ Union Ufo. However, Eurowings recorded in the first nine months an operating loss of 35 million euros in the prior-year period, there had been a profit of 60 million euros. Nevertheless, have established eurowings as a successful secondary brand. In the negotiations for the planned Takeover of Air Berlin, together with the crew you get on well. Details Spohr is not called.

Below-the-line, Lufthansa booked in the first nine months an operating profit of nearly 1.7 billion euros, a slight decrease of 0.9 percent compared to the record result in the prior-year period. Worn the result of the passenger traffic, the operating profit was increased by 179 million to 955 million euros. Benefits of the Lufthansa has a cost of lower fuel were higher by almost EUR 800 million lower than in the prior-year period.

Although welcomed Lufthansa more passengers in their Jets. But the price pressure is high, so that the revenue fell by nearly two percent to 23.9 billion euros. Nevertheless, the Lufthansa-Chef for the entire year, remains confident. The operating profit to be like in 2015 at around € 1.8 billion. “Despite the volatility of our business and despite the difficult market environment, we also look optimistically into the year 2017,” says Spohr. The arrival of Ryanair in Frankfurt makes him because, obviously, no Worries.


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