Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Division of Kaiser’s Tengelmann, Rewe gets around 60 stores in Berlin – Tagesspiegel

Now: After long, tough negotiations have reached an agreement with Rewe and Edeka, on Tuesday on the allocation of the Kaiser’s stores in Berlin. According to daily mirror information Rewe, the number two in the industry, takes around 60 branches with a total turnover of EUR 300 million gross.

An important step

“This is an important step forward," said an Insider to the daily mirror. However, the key points are still unclear. So agreed, Rewe and Edeka so far, neither the purchase price, the Rewe for the markets to pay, on the Acquisition of loads. Above all, the Kaiser’s Tengelmann stores in the Rhine-Westphalia to write red Figures, also the question of what happens to the meat works and the Tengelmann Headquarters in mülheim to the rest. “Until the end of the negotiations a few days can pass”, told the daily mirror insiders.

Rewe gets stores in Berlin

Rewe and Edeka, the agreement is confirmed. It is based on the arbitration award, by former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (SPD), who had brought the rivals to the table and at the end of October an agreement in principle. Thereafter, Rewe, Kaiser’s to get stores in Berlin, Edeka is to receive the stores in Bavaria. What is with the other companies, is still to be determined.
Tengelmann boss Karl-Erivan Haub wants to sell its loss-making supermarket chain for more than two years to the market leader Edeka. The Federal cartel office, the business due to the market power of Edekas. Federal Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) had allowed the Deal, with a view to the roughly 15,000 jobs at Kaiser’s Tengelmann, Edeka, however, required to have Jobs in five years. Against the Ministerial approval, Rewe had and other trade companies successfully challenged before the higher regional court of Düsseldorf. The Problem is that The Ministerial approval can only be ef fective if Rewe is pulling his suit back. So, Rewe chief Alain Caparros has made it clear from the beginning, without consideration of Edeka.

Rewe wants to grow in Berlin

Above all, the well 120 Berlin branches with its 5600 employees have done it to Caparros, would have bought myself the entire company Kaiser’s Tengelmann. Rewe wants to reinforce to the river Spree. The Plan now seems to be working. However, the industry cannot accept the second only stores in the Neighborhoods in which Rewe is already strong. Otherwise, a new conflict with the Federal cartel office threatened. What is Rewe’s buying the thing, but easier: – legally, the markets are not of the Kaiser’s, but on the basis of the Ministerial approval and thus from the market leader Edeka.

Edeka complains against Rewe

on Tuesday more was known, Edeka now for another Assumption of the skewer. Rewe wants to take over the retail chain Coop, the German Federal cartel office has approved the business – although with some constraints. Against the green light by the competition authority, Edeka, has now moved to court and has filed an appeal against the decision. If Edeka-chief of Mosa has been used only as a means of pressure in the negotiations with Caparros or Serious power with the Blockade Rewes, remains to be seen.


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