Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Billions of rating : Facebook rival Snapchat wants to the stock exchange – daily mirror

The Facebook rival Snapchat dares according to insiders the leap to the stock exchange. The company had filed the appropriate documents with the U.S. securities and exchange Commission, SEC, said familiar with the plans of people on Tuesday. Snapchat was valued with 20 to 25 billion dollars. It is the largest US stock exchange would be the gear since the debut of the Chinese online retailer Alibaba two years ago. The step on the parquet floors could already be done in March.

The papers are already submitted

The App operators Snap Inc. I have recently filed with the U.S. securities and exchange Commission, confidential, the necessary papers for an IPO, reported, among other things, the financial service Bloomberg and the “Wall Street Journal” late on Tuesday. The application for the step to the trading floor was already in front of the U.S. presidential election on may 8. November received, it was said, citing informed persons.

Snapchat has been known, especially with photos that disappear, if they were seen. In the meantime, has developed the App more and more to a platform for media content. According to earlier information, it comes to around 150 million users per day. The Start-up behind the App, named from Snapchat in Snap, and it recently launched the sale of a pair of sunglasses with a camera. The 130 Dollar device is sold in small quantities from a vending machine, placed at different locations.

2017 wants to make Snapchat more than a billion turnover

According to previous information targeted Snap for this year a turnover of up to $ 350 million and the one-billion mark in 2017. The target in the current year had already been exceeded, wrote the “Wall Street Journal”. 2015 Snapchat have generated only $ 60 million in sales. Snap makes his money with the advertising and now uses an automated System for advertisers.

Since Snap has less than a billion dollars in annual revenue, may submit to the company the stock exchange the prospectus under the shutter at the SEC and Details without public attention clarify. Other Start-ups have already made use of this possibility. Investors hope that Snap can give the recently depressed market for Tech IPOs with new impulses. a (rtr/dpa)


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