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Friday, 18.11.2016, 10:10
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How it goes in VW? The profit of weak passenger Car core brand, to save – since the exhaust gas scandal. 30,000 Jobs are in the balance. Management and the works Council have lashed the vertices in a future Pact – now you make your decisions in a press conference. FOCUS Online reported live.

Volkswagen wants to trim its troubled passenger Car core brand in the future. Were discussed billion austerity programs, job losses, and more work. At the same time, challenges such as E-mobility ” and ” digitalisation must be mastered. A future Pact to bring everything under one hat, and also security for the workforce. In advance of a Board meeting this Friday VW group boss Matthias Müller, Chairman of the works Council, Bernd Osterloh, chief of staff Karlheinz Blessing, and lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan want to now, Because the vertices of this agreement explained to it. FOCUS Online reported live.

surf tip: The recording of the press conference you can see here.

10.10 am: “This is without a Überreibung the largest reconstruction program in the history of the company,” said lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil. The state government will continue to assist with the process.

10.06 PM. “the biggest challenge for Volkswagen, but we are now in the future, all power to implement this task,” stresses Blessing. The works councils also in the locations, should now work with the Board of Directors. The negotiations were tough. You notice that in all of the Participants: “We are not married now”, stresses the Blessing with a side view of the works Council chief Easter pay, who had fought hard for the VW employees.

10.05 am: “the one with the temporary workers hurts of course,” says Blessing. They should be housed by the Volkswagen-own work placement in other companies.

10.02 am: The rest of the 7,000 jobs to be eliminated in Brazil. The chief of staff Karlheinz Blessing said: “With this program, we save hundreds of thousands of jobs.” But the workers have to adjust to change: The Executive Board is planning a Rotation. This means that Some will have to change Job and location: “We are a location – and cross-brand has arrange the transfer.” In addition, there will be severance programs.

09.58 PM: Now speaks to Volkswagen CEO Matthias Müller: “With the future plan, we will make the way for our overall strategy, “Together in 2025″, we can align the entire group on the future,” he says.

09.54 PM: in Emden and Wolfsburg are made of a new type of vehicle – not just with E-drive. So will made in Wolfsburg, in the future, a Seat model. With the Golf 8 also, the North America business to return to Germany.

09.50 PM: works Council chief, Bernd Osterloh, emphasized: For all VW employees is a guarantee of Employment until 2025. “For honesty, but also: We are not able to prevent the works Council, the management Board will, in future, less temporary work.” For them, the employment guarantee does not apply.

09: 48: We want to be more effective and productive. “We make more profit with less people,” says Diess. All locations remain unchanged, even if partially, with a new focus on E-mobility. The locations of Braunschweig, Kassel, Salzgitter and Zwickau are focused on E-mobility.

09.46 PM: It’s official: “We will cut 30,000 jobs, of which 23,000 in Germany,” says Diess. Redundancies will not give it. The removal successes on old-age part-time work and the reduction of temporary Acquisitions would be the exception, so Diess. In return, the 9,000 new Jobs would be created – most of them in Wolfsburg in.

09.43 PM: Volkswagen wool to increase its profit to 3.7 billion euros, three billion euros would have to contribute to the German sites.

09.41 PM: There you go. Volkswagen brand boss, Herbert Diess confirmed: The company and the works Council have signed yesterday night a future Pact. “We build the brand completely,” says Diess. “We are the first to align consistently on the future of the automotive industry.”

09.37 PM: The AFP news Agency rushes: “Volkswagen sweeps up to 2025 up to 23,000 Stations in Germany”, citing the works Council. The press conference has not started still.

09.32 PM: The Start of the press conference is delayed. But the biggest message of the day has been circulating for tonight. 30,000 Jobs is to remove Volkswagen allegedly. 20,000 of these in Germany. The “Handelsblatt” reported. (The whole message this Morning, click here to read

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