Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Us Central Bank to increase interest rates after the election – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung signals

America’s Supreme guardian of the Currency: Fed chair Janet Yellen

Shortly before the election in America, the Central Bank, the Fed shies away from a rate increase, signaled at the same time, but a soon-to-be step up. The key phrase to supply the commercial banks with money “for the time being” in the range between 0.25 and 0.5 per cent, as the guardian of the currency, said on Wednesday. The arguments for raising would have been further strengthened.

The Fed wants to earlier, but still see “some” more evidence that progress goes on the road to full employment and stable prices. So they lowered the bar for monetary tightening, somewhat, since she had spoken in September only of “further Instructions”. Many experts expect that they will tighten the reins now, next month, when the on Tuesday the upcoming presidential election is run.

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“The suggests continue to increase in December, without that the monetary authorities would have set out,” said Fed watcher John Canally from the financial home LPL Financial. While the Fed has reached the labour market, your goal practically, the price rise at last under the Fed’s target of two percent. You dash now, however, a formulation, according to which the Inflation will in the short term remain low. In addition, they pointed to progress on the path to stable prices.

The economy was last at full speed and gives the Central Bank’s arguments for an increase. Nevertheless, she decided now, with eight votes to two, the interest rate reins not attract. The guardian of the currency, Fed chair Janet Yellen are independent. Critics were tightening before the election, however, influence interpretation. In surveys, nearly leading democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has, for many investors, the reputation to be the guarantor of economic policy continuity. Her Republican rival Donald Trump was regarded as a stock market shock.

Wall Street responded with declining rates on the decision. The Fed had embarked on turning the end of 2015, after years of extremely loose monetary policy, the interest rate. Then they hesitated, the prospect of further tightening, however, due to a stock market earthquake in China and other confounding factors, such as the Anti-EU Referendum in the UK.

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