Saturday, November 5, 2016

Train is backing out – THE WORLD

Die railway does not want to bring your group daughters Arriva and Schenker now for the time being, but to the stock market. The Board will, to the Supervisory Board at the meeting on 14. December say, “we can’t recommend on the Basis of the current assessment is that an IPO”, said CEO Rüdiger Grube. Approval for this came from the policy.

the Background of the course, panning is the vote of the British leaving the EU of their country. The railway wanted to bring up to 45 percent of its British subsidiary Arriva on the London stock exchange. Together with the partial sale of the international logistics division Schenker, the additional 4.5 billion euros should contribute for a large-scale investment program.

“With the Brexit, the world has changed, unfortunately, is fundamentally”, said pit, and referred to the devaluation of the British pound. “We would so throw money out the window – and such an Act would be foolish.” The Supervisory Board requested from the Board in may, a concept for a capital contribution of third parties in the subsidiaries. Now, the Board will refer in the December position, and an IPO is not recommend, announced a pit.

Federal transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) supported on Friday Grubes Brexit Argument. In addition, the recently announced financial injection from the Federal government a sink for the rail pressure to generate additional revenue. “That’s why it is probably saying a right idea of the Lord’s mine: at the moment, the stock market is not for speed of Schenker and Arriva”, said Dobrindt in Munich.

The SPD in the Bundestag, welcomed the decision of the railway. “The SPD was from the beginning sceptical about whether an IPO is the right way to generate new investment in the railway in trains and Service,” said group Deputy Sören Bartol. The Federal government had announced in September an injection of funds in the amount of 2.4 billion euros for the railway. “A door that we have not expected”, said pit at the time. The state company is to receive one billion euros for their capital, also the Federal government wants to dispense in the next four years on each of 350 million euros of his annual dividend from the train. In addition, the budget Committee of the Bundestag will decide on Thursday next week.

The Green transport policy Matthias Gastel voice of the “billion-dollar rescue packages”. “The Federal government believes that the problems of the Deutsche Bahn with a lot of money to cover.” It is a concept for the railway in Germany was necessary, “rather than Logistics businesses in Overseas to throw billions behind”.

The railway is not in need of additional money, in spite of investments of EUR 55 billion in the next five years, debts run out of control. Of the total, the Federal government is 35 billion euros. The bulk of the money flows in the railway infrastructure in Germany. The debt layers of the web by the end of 2015 at 17.5 billion Euro. “About 20 billion euros are here, the upper limit,” said pit.

The IPOs of Arriva and Schenker were not comparable with that, which failed in the autumn of 2008 the financial market turmoil around the Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. The time should be silver plated up to 24.9 per cent of the fields of passenger and freight traffic. This was established specifically to the sub-group DB Mobility Logistics, the railway has now resolved.

Arriva operates Bus and rail transport services in 14 European countries. By the end of 2015, the company, based in the English Sunderland 46.500 employees. It was in the previous year, 4.8 billion euros in turnover, the profit before interest and taxes (Ebit) stood at 270 million euros. The Bahn bought Arriva in 2010 for approximately EUR 1.8 billion. Since then, the subsidiary has increased its turnover by a third, and the Ebit doubled to smooth. Arriva has about 700 trains, and more than 16,000 buses in use.

Schenker is the Transport and logistics service provider to the rail. The business segment includes truck-transports in Europe as well as worldwide air and ocean freight. It came in 2015 to 15.4 billion euros in sales and a profit before interest and taxes (Ebit) of EUR 395 million. To Schenker more than 66,000 employees. With significantly more than six billion euros in turnover, land transport and air and sea freight the largest business units.

meanwhile, the passenger Association Pro Bahn warned that the new early Closing of the doors to long-distance trains of the Deutsche Bahn should remain a loophole for late-arriving travelers. “You have to see that the last door on the boards where the train until shortly before the exit remains open,” said the honorary Chairman Karl-Peter Naumann. Generally speaking, however, it is a welcome step to more punctuality, if the train doors close 15 seconds ahead of the departure. Since the 17th century. October, the departure of the ICE and Intercity-trains according to the train data at all stations a little earlier initiated: The announcement will now start 45 seconds before the start. The doors close 30 to 15 seconds before the train is set in motion. So he can exit on the second station. In SWRinfo Naumann warned to close the doors even earlier. “A lot of commuters come dough 30 seconds on the train and see only closed doors. So you can’t do that."


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