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Recovery in the stock market FBI exonerated Clinton and Dax – banks house,

FBI chief James Comey: relief for Clinton in the last Minute


FBI chief James Comey: relief for Clinton in the last Minute

A day before the US election, the Dax starts a recovery attempt. Occasion: The FBI has exonerated Hillary Clinton in the E-Mail affair, and the chances of an election victory, Clinton’s on the rise.

The German stock market has started after a weak previous week on Monday a recovery attempt. Support comes also from the USA, because the Democrat Hillary Clinton, according to the latest surveys in the presidential campaign, again, 2 percentage points ahead of Donald Trump. The Dax stock Chart show the last put just under 2% to 10.440 counter to, after the benchmark index had lost in the past week for fear of a Trump-victory 4%. The Euro Stoxx 50 stock exchanges Chart show also increased sharply. The leading index of the Euroregion had lost in the past week, also 4 percent. At the top of the Dax stock Chart show the title of Commerzbank stock Chart show and Deutsche Bank stock Chart show with gains of almost 3 percent.

FBI chief Comey relieved of Clinton in E-Mail-affair

In the United States seems to be the E-Mail affair by Clinton after the most recent communication from FBI chief James Comey. A new round of investigations had caused an extremely tight race with your adversary to Trump. Also, the Dollar and the Mexican Peso. Investors responded with relief to the fact that the Federal police FBI found after further investigation into Clinton’s E-Mail affair, no evidence for an indictment. A audit of the E-Mails have revealed no evidence of a criminal behavior of the Clintons, told the chief of the Federal police, the FBI, James Comey, on Sunday in a letter to members of Congress.

Dollar and raw materials in demand, crisis, currency, Gold is

also, the US Dollar and commodities were in Demand. “All clear for Clinton means the all-clear for the stock market,” said Portfolio Manager Thomas Altmann from the financial Advisor QC partner. “Strengthens this message but the Confidence that Clinton will be elected the next President.” LBBW Analyst Wolfgang Albrecht warned, but before the coated optimism. “Forecasts have to this point not much more informative than the proverbial coin toss.” Market analyst Heino Ruland of Ruland Research stressed that many US citizens would have used the opportunity for early voting already.

the likelihood of a U.S. interest rate increase in December, rising Because in the case of an election victory, Clinton’s from their point of view, a single investor with US dollars. This pushed the Euro to a tight US cents on 1,1050 dollars. The Mexican Peso rose strongly. The currency is particularly sensitive to sudden shifts in Mood in the US election, because Trump wants to raise, among other things, punitive tariffs on Mexican Goods. The U.S. currency reduced by up to 2.4 percent on 18,5657 Peso.

hopes for an election victory, Clinton continued the descent of the raw materials to a temporary end. The trend-setting crude oil grade Brent from the North sea rose by 1.5 percent to 46,27 dollars per Barrel (159 litres). Copper rose 1.7 per cent, and for steel production of Nickel 4.7 per cent. This is the mine of values pushed. Anglo American, Antofagasta, BHP Billiton, Fresnillo, Glencore and Rio Tinto gained on the London stock exchange of up to four percent.

“Safe investment” lost harbours, however, the attractiveness of Gold fell by 1.4 percent to 1285,08 dollars per Troy ounce (31.1 grams). The Bund Future, based on the ten-year Federal bond, lost 35 Ticks to 162,15 points.

Strong balance sheets to lift in addition to the mood

The positive mood on the stock market, encouraging Numbers helped European group. Thanks to a growth in income and numbers of members, the shares of the career network increased up to 3.9 percent. Raised growth forecasts boosted Ryanair. The share of the low cost carrier advanced intermittently by 6.3 percent.

HSBC Bank home organized despite profit slump

The drop in profits, the big Bank HSBC Holdings stock Chart show could be investors not to be swayed. They focused on the increase in the core capital ratio of the major British Bank to 13.9 percent. So that you can keep with a renewed decline in profits, the dividend stable in the coming year, wrote the analysts of the brokerage house Bernstein in a comment. HSBC shares, with a Plus of 4.1 per cent, the frontrunner in the London selection index FTSE.

In Amsterdam, climbed PostNL on a Five-year High of 5.13 euros. Previously, the Belgian competitor for Bpost had raised its offer for the Dutch mail carrier to 5.65 euros per share. Bpost-listed in Brussels, is hardly changed.

Realtime Dax: Here you can see the Dax and the Dow in real-time





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