Thursday, November 17, 2016

Media: British discuss Johnson’s “Prosecco-insult” – Zeit ONLINE

London (Reuters) – The British foreign Minister, Boris Johnson is known for, offhand Remarks. That this is not necessarily a preference of chief diplomat, it dawned on the Brits since the time of his appointment to the Ministry of foreign Affairs chief. Now he is due a Statement to Italy’s Prosecco exports to the criticism.

Johnson should have warned the Italian Minister for economic development, Carlo Calenda, before a collapse of the Italian Prosecco paragraphs, should give the EU the UK is no free access to the EU internal market.

The Calenda told the US broadcaster Bloomberg TV on Wednesday, and added that he had regarded the Comments as “a bit offensive”. Calenda countered according to the information provided to the United Kingdom lose then in the Export of Fish and Chips.

circles of the British foreign Ministry comment on the Prosecco was reported by the BBC suggests that exports were not used as an insult, but as part of a “constructive” discussion. The British foreign Minister believes that his country could retain access to the single market without the free movement of workers for EU citizens to accept it.

This is the position of the mag with his compatriots caught by EU politicians on a lack of understanding. The Dutch Finance Minister and Euro group chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem called Johnson’s attitude to the BBC-TV as “intellectually impossible”.

report on the Bloomberg TV website – English

BBC-report on the “Prosecco-insult” – in English


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