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ICCT: the state loses through the exhaust-Tricks billion – RP ONLINE

Berlin. The differences between the specified emissions of carbon dioxide and the actual are the car manufacturers, according to a study getting bigger and bigger. The environmental aid criticized: Thus, the state will be harmed financially solid. By Jan Drebes and Florian Rinke

While the environmental organization, the ICCT was the beautiful car world collapse, it was the Minister of transport, Alexander Dobrindt calmly with Chancellor Angela Merkel through the exhibition at the IT summit in Saarbrücken. Practically, that the CSU-politician is not only for transport, but as a Minister for digital infrastructure for the data transport. Since some time, at least once, from the off, what has brewed in the Auto world – and what Dobrindt apparently wants to close on the loved one’s eyes.

Because what the international environmental organization, the ICCT, which has already uncovered the exhaust gas scandal at Volkswagen, as presented yesterday, is for the Minister is not new: Also the technician when he noticed the force travel Federal office not long ago, and have found out that the car manufacturer oxides only when the emission of nitrogen but also of carbon dioxide fiercely trick and to harm the environment more than specified. Nevertheless, While the ICCT made his results public, holds Dobrindt his dear under lock and key. Officially, the investigation is not completed according to the Ministry.

a setback for the industry

The Numbers of the ICCT are a further setback for the industry, which is a result of digitization and the shift to electric cars away from the exhaust trickery in front of big challenges. The data show that in the last 15 years, the vehicles were always larger, which is what everyone wants, the car in a car Park between two all-terrain-Park-like SUVs, suffering can confirm -, but also the differences between what vehicles bubble officially out of the exhaust, and the actual exhaust gases.

Nine percent of the variance in 2001 from the manufacturer’s specifications, at the last count, according to the ICCT, around 42 per cent. The organization has examined according to their own figures, around one Million vehicles. Negative leader are, therefore, the manufacturers of large and often high-powered vehicles such as Mercedes and BMW. Especially at the Start of a new model generation, the increase is, according to the ICCT, often by leaps and bounds. “In the Wake of the achieved CO2 reductions are, since 2001, in reality, only about half as high as expected on the basis of the certification values,” it says.

The auto-drivers result in higher costs of fuel, at the same time, criticized the German environmental aid (DUH), deprived the state of billions of euros in tax revenue – because the motor vehicle is expensive, proportionately to the CO2 emissions of the vehicles. According to DUH, the 2.2 billion euros.

penalties for Daimler and VW

That the motorists in this country are fooled so massive in the consumption data, from the point of view of the DUH to a to industry-friendly policy. In the USA, the variations in the CO2 to cheat, only three percent on average. Also, this would be the fact that deviations of more than four per cent would be punished hard. Penalties it was, therefore, for Daimler or BMW./p>

in politics, the indignation is great. Dobrindts chumminess with the Auto industry to prevent the change in the industry, says Green party leader, Anton Hofreiter. Union faction Deputy Arnold Vaatz (CDU), however, the ministries of economy and consumer protection. “The consumer protection policy is not managed, the systematic misconduct on the part of manufacturers, among other things, data relating to energy consumption to curb.” The traffic political speaker of the SPD group in the Bundestag, Kirsten Lühmann, renewed, therefore, the demand for the introduction of a pattern for a declaratory judgment: “This would be for the realization of mass claims, as appropriate.”

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