Thursday, November 10, 2016

Free trading in danger: Top Economist warns: After the election Trumps serious threaten … – FOCUS Online

Thursday, 10.11.2016, 08:11 · von FOCUS-Online-editor Thomas Munich
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For the financial markets is to withdraw Donald trump’s victory is a much bigger Problem than the decision of the British, from the European Union. He was going to inflict on the entire world trade order. The Commerzbank chief economist Jörg Krämer.

“The choice of Trumps to the US President for most of the Western countries as a shock,” says Krämer. Trump stand for positions that would place most people in the EU on the right edge of the political spectrum. For many people, it was a culture shock.

boost for right-wing parties in Europe

With a protectionists Trump in the White house threatened severe trade conflicts. In addition, the success of trump’s going to give the Anti-Establishment parties in Europe, the ascendant, for example in the case of the referendum in Italy on 4. December. “The self-destruction of the West goes on,” says Krämer.

No moderation to expect

The assumption is that Trump could even after his victory, his extreme positions as President, sees Kramer with skepticism. For many of these points presented to the campaign that is tailored to a maximum of the program; they assumed that “nothing is eaten as hot as it was cooked,” says Krämer. “However, many already expected after the primaries the Republicans that Trump would back in the actual presidential election to the center. This is not going to happen," Krämer.

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Mexico, Canada and China most

The other countries affected are likely to primarily on two policy areas to be affected: foreign economic policy and security policy. “Trump is an outspoken opponent of free trade,” Including not only Mexico, Canada and China will suffer. Rather, Trump, the entire world trade is to bring order to the severe damage”, expected Krämer.

in Addition, I can Trump questioned the security guarantees of Nato for the Baltic members. A President Trump would weaken Nato, which could tempt Russia, in Europe, new conflicts goad. “This represents a substantial risk,” warns merchant.

In the Video: Why investors according to Trump’s victory on the Internet currency

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