Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Exhaust affair – class action lawsuit against Audi in the USA Sü


  • A law firm has filed a class-action suit against Audi.
  • are new allegations about the Manipulation of emission values in different models.
  • Audi themselves did not want to speak first.

The Volkswagen subsidiary Audi is looming in the exhaust gas, the affair of new-court Trouble in the United States. The law firm Hagens Berman filed according to its own information against the Car manufacturer, the first class-action lawsuit on behalf of car owners, according to reports in the media about new allegations.

it is a possible Manipulation of emission values in petrol engines with 3.0-Liter engines. Should the gearbox be affected according to the Reports, the models of A6, A8, Q5 and probably the Q7, and possibly other Audi’s with the automatic.

An Audi spokesman declined to comment on the lawsuit. He said only the talks in the United States, the company is negotiating intensively with the authorities on a solution for the customer. The newspaper image manipulating on Sunday had reported it to gearbox software, which will also be used in vehicles in Europe, and CO2 values. Audi have stopped the use of the Software in may of 2016, shortly before the US environmental protection Agency Carb’ve discovered the Manipulation in an older model.

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The VW subsidiary had added last year to have under U.S. law as illegal existing Software in the case of six-cylinder Diesel engines with three liters of engine capacity built-in. A few days ago the district had declared judge Charles Breyer, Audi have made in the negotiations with the US authorities on a solution for the 85,000 affected vehicles to make significant progress. He was optimistic that by the beginning of December an agreement could be achieved. Audi has put in this year to 752 million euros for the repairs and the outstanding comparison.


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