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Donald Trump complains against the election before the result is … – THE WORLD

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Trump is suing elective office in Nevada

source: The world

Trump is suing the election and before the results are in. In Las Vegas it is supposed to have irregularities in a polling station. This Reporter Jens Reupert from Washington.

source: The world

The election campaign Team of Trump complains because it is supposed to have given in Las Vegas irregularities in a polling station. The application for a temporary injunction immediately landed in court, the result might not like Trump.

Im the US state of Nevada has rejected a judge shortly before the polls closed, an action by the election camp of Donald Trump. The Republicans had filed, according to several U.S. media, a complaint against an elective office in a district.

Nevada is one of the most hotly contested States with many Latino voters. A large part of them has made use of the possibility to go in advance and select. The U.S. Democrat Hillary Clinton in this group of the population far greater restraint than Trump.

Trump had allegedly complained that the Opening of several polling stations had been extended in a district at the early elections in the last week by up to two hours.

this extension was Justified by the fact that many people were at the scheduled closing time still Queuing to cast their vote. Under current rules, voters can be in such cases is not dismissed.

The Trump camp insists, however, that it was a violation of the law. Therefore, the early votes should not be counted – you will be now.

Trump leaves open the question of whether or not he accepts the election

Trump alluded to a short time before, that he accepts the result, even in the case of his defeat – has not decided yet. “I want to see what happens,” he told CNN, in an Interview. “You have to see it. You hear so many terrible stories, and you see so many things that are wrong. So, we will look at the. Certainly I love this country and believe in the System, of course."

In the election campaign, had declared Trump repeatedly that the electoral system is “rigged”. He will retain a dispute if there is evidence that something is “fishy”.

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