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Collective bargaining at the Deutsche Bahn The big train Show – Stuttgarter Zeitung

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The railway Union EVG in the collective bargaining with the German train the muscles and threatens with Strikes. The traffic chaos is not for the time being fear but good. And for political reasons . . .

Threaten again strikes at the Deutsche Bahn? The trade Union EVG threatening . . . Photo: Reuters Central image
the threat of more strikes back at Deutsche Bahn? The trade Union EVG threatening . . .photo: Reuters the Central image

Berlin – Threatens Christmas Chaos on the Rail due to the rail strike? In tariff negotiations, escalations, are always possible. However, all of the commuters and travellers can stay relaxed. The EVG trade Union can be only the muscles with the warning that the Deutsche Bahn AG was not interested in a speedy conclusion to the situation soon could be coming to a head, and Strikes no longer be ruled out. Until the beginning of December, two further negotiations are still round, parallel DB personnel chief Ulrich Weber is also the train drivers ‘ Union GDL a peaceful agreement.


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Not an easy Job, because of the claim, the income by a total of seven percent increase, to dig in the toe quite a bit. This is not going to make in the current situation, warns Weber. As the largest German state, the group is in the most serious crisis in its history and a renovation is the case.

Therefore, the ringing of bells in the policy, the alarm. The travel of the transport giant to the loss – and debt-to-hole is not a credit to the Federal government and their contradictory, little sustainable transport and railway policy. This is also recognized by the smaller coalition partner, the SPD, and now, with a “rail Pact 2030″ the long-overdue shift in Traffic to start and to score points with voters.

The new “impulse paper” is a further collection of the most beautiful wishes and declarations of intent, the implementation of the party would have been over long ago. Finally, the SPD with reigns in Berlin for many years and is responsible for many undesirable developments. First and foremost, you have to blame but the Minister of transport Alexander Dobrindt and his Union, that it is capable to future decisions is a lack in our location, which is so important policy field, which is fatal.

Bahn boss Rüdiger Grube-and-white, meanwhile, is exactly what the policy expects of him. Neither rail strike removal even more billions in losses, or even more excitement and large-scale projects such as Stuttgart 21 and wants to experience the government in the election year of 2017. Therefore, the collective agreement for the state of the group could be really expensive, because the ECG and the GDL will know to take advantage of the situation. Also Dobrindt of the railway has promised ever more billions in relief at the expense of the taxpayers.


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