Saturday, November 5, 2016

Change of pace at the track


railway driver will have to hurry: In the case of long-distance trains, the doors do not close in the future, already half a Minute before departure, as it is today, only ten seconds before the Start. By the early lock on the track improved on-time departure hopes and arrival times. While the group presses on Boarding up the pace, he pulls on the capital market, the emergency brake: The planned IPO of the daughters of Arriva and Schenker is stopped. For the time being, anyway.

The new closing times have to do with the customer-offensive of the German railway, which is in fierce competition with the bus providers Flixbus and your offer needs to improve. For the new year, the long-distance trains finally also in the second class, free and fast Wi-Fi. But the best deal is of no use if the passenger missed his connecting train, because a train is too late. Therefore close since the 17th century. October, the long-distance train doors used to be.

The railway has tested the concept at the railway stations in Köln, and Hannover. Unlucky ones that always come on the last second to a train and transfer passengers from delayed trains. And the new locking rules also be of benefit for nothing, if, for example, the train from Cologne in the direction of Berlin has already been in Hanover ten minutes late. Currently, every fourth long-distance train is more than five minutes late.

The passenger Association Pro Bahn, is also skeptical: “You have to see that the last door on the boards where the train until shortly before the exit remains open,” said Karl-Peter Naumann, honorary Chairman of the Association. It should also always be clear where the Bicycle compartment and the first class are to be found. “It helps that the trains run on time,” said Naumann. “Since the railway has to do significantly more.”

EUR 4.5 billion for investment, wanted to acquire the Railways for the Partial IPO of two subsidiaries of Arriva and DB Schenker. For this, the owner will step in now: The Federal government has already announced in September to transfer the track to a billion euros. In addition, the railway will have to pay for four years only 600 instead of 950 million euros in dividends to the owners. Overall, the group can have more than 2.4 billion Euro. A further 1.4 billion euros will flow from the Federal Treasury for the rail network. The budget Committee of the Bundestag should be next week.

The IPO, the railway says, mainly due to the planned withdrawal of the British from the EU. The Bahn subsidiary Arriva, based in England should also be there in the stock market The pound has fallen since the Brexit-the decision of the British in comparison to the Euro dramatically, the railway would in the case of an IPO significantly less than expected. “We would so throw money out the window – and such an Act would be foolish,” said Deutsche Bahn chief Rüdiger Grube. Federal transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) called the cancellation “probably a right idea of the Lord of the pit”.

Also in the financial markets, the decision of the railway met with a lot of understanding. “You do not need to sell quality at the cheapest price”, said about Analyst Robert Halver of the Baader Bank. “No one would want the train with a lunch put up with.”

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