Thursday, November 17, 2016

Central Bank: U.S. Central Bank chair Yellen early interest rate increase in view – THE WORLD

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Trump has in the election campaign ahead of an interest rate increase

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70-Year-old wants.their term of office until the end of January 2018

US Central Bank chair Janet Yellen is shown by the criticism of Donald trump’s unimpressed. In her first public appearance after Trumps electoral victory, she was in Washington on Thursday a rate increase in December. In addition, she said that she was going to make it to the end of their term of office at the end of January 2018 your work. The future U.S. President had warned in the election campaign, before the interest rate increases and the rate of Yellen’s criticized.

The U.S. interest rate could be raised “relatively soon,” said Yellen in front of Congress. As a prerequisite you mentioned to make further progress in the US economic data. The next meeting of the relevant open market Committee of the Federal Reserve Bank is for the 13. and 14. December scheduled – Trump takes office on may 20. January.

Trump had warned during the election campaign before an increase of the US key interest rate, because this would strengthen the Dollar and thus the US trade, in competition with China and other countries could weaken. The Republicans said at the time, also generally critical of the Democrat, Yellen and announced that he was going to relieve you, probably, after the expiration of their current term of office.

The 70-year-old Yellen assured now, on the Thursday before a congressional Committee: “It is my full intention, the term of office.” And you said Central banks would not have to do “sometimes things that are popular”. In countries where the Central Bank “is at the mercy of political pressure, we have seen terrible things”, she warned.

on The question, as you can see, the proposals in Trumps, to stimulate the economy, spending and to reduce taxes, said Yellen, the new government would have to weigh the costs and Benefits. You should focus on to increase productivity.

Currently, the economy was doing “very good progress,” Yellen said. Therefore, the judgment of the open market Committee in November. The Fed had stated at the beginning of the month, the arguments for an increase in interest rates had again become stronger.

According to published on Thursday, Figures by the U.S. Inflation picked up significantly in October; consumer prices rose by 1.6 percent. The Fed aims for an annual Rate of two per cent, in the best value for the price stability and a healthy labour market situation.

The unemployment rate in the United States was at the end of October at 4.9 percent and thus roughly at the same level as a year ago. The balance of the job growth is currently solid. The latest Numbers on Thursday, suggest a continuation of the positive trend on the US labour market. According to data of the Ministry of labour the number of applications fell to unemployment assistance during the week from 6. to 12. November 235.000 – this is the lowest level since 43 years.


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