Sunday, November 13, 2016

Career reorientation: economic 4.0 leads to Job reallocation – NEWS

Sunday, 13. November 2016

With the digitalisation of the economy should be eliminated no Jobs. Nevertheless, hundreds of thousands will have a new professional look. Of a significant upheaval in the working world of tomorrow, especially IT-experts benefit.

The German labour market with the upcoming digitalisation of the economy, according to forecasts of labour market researchers in front of a massive Job reallocation. While would disappear with the so-called economy 4.0 by 2025, no jobs. Hundreds of thousands of employees would have to be oriented but professionally completely re-emerges from a study by the Institute for labour market and occupational research (IAB).

According to the model calculations of the IAB will be lifted up to the year 2025, about 1.5 million jobs, but at the same time around 1.5 million. “Because what comes substantially in motion,” said the IAB labor market researcher Enzo. The study taken into account for the first time, the impact of digitization on the services industry. With job losses, the IAB expects, especially in the manufacturing sector. “There will be a big Minus. But since we already have large shortages of Skilled workers. This Problem is mitigated by the economy 4.0 more”, Weber is convinced.

less auxiliary forces were Affected, of which there are anyway not so many, but especially the classic skilled worker, for example in the machine control. In this group, self-control of digital systems and robots increases with the indentation in the factory halls, to temporarily the risk of becoming unemployed. Many would have to form comprehensive, to find a new Job. Here also the labour market policy with appropriate training is required in addition to the company.

education professions benefit

employees with IT skills, be able to would be Needed “to think in an innovative and cross-border processes,” said Weber. The classic dual training in companies and vocational schools is quite a good base. You must, however, be to the digitized world of work adapted. “The dual training must now be quickly made fit for the digital activities. Because of the economy 4.0, it is about theory and practice together. If there is something developed in the companies, we have in Germany and what can not offer other industrial Nations.”

Good job opportunities for researchers in the digital work world of tomorrow, according to the think-tank of the Federal Agency for work, especially IT professionals, and nature. “We need in the future, a lot of people that bring the digital world with the real world in the factory halls.”

also the professionals who prepare the employees for the new tasks and the Interaction with robots would be Needed. Of training professions would benefit. In spite of the great Job upheavals, which are not departure to Weber’s assessment, without friction, could Germany benefit from the economy of 4.0 significantly – and not just companies and their shareholders.

Intelligent machines, manufacturing processes

to the topic

Weber expects rising productivity, higher incomes and more consumption. Thus, other industries that would indirectly benefit and create new Jobs. Fatal it would be, however, according to the researchers, to the opportunities of digitization unused.

if Germany were to fall economically behind: “Production declines and unemployment are the consequences.” According to the Definition of the Federal Ministry of the economy economy 4.0 is characterized by a close integration of production with state of the art information and communication technology.

intelligent machine coordinate independently on production processes, Service robots to cooperate in Assembly with the people. Robots will also save independent energy, the waste of Material to minimize the processes to organize, defects report and replenishment organize – all networked with the customers.




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