Tuesday, November 8, 2016

British Toblerone with gaps – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Toblerone chocolate is well-known for their triangular shape, reminiscent of mountain peaks. In the UK, the Toblerone, which is for more than a hundred years as a traditional Swiss brand known, but now a new form: The selling Toblerone is still triangular, but between the individual peaks, larger distances are now. Reminds you a bit of a Bite with tooth gaps.

Roland Lindner author: Roland Lindner, an economic correspondent in New York.

The American candy manufacturer Mondelez, one of the Toblerone for many years, not wanting to make the step directly with the British Referendum on withdrawal from the EU. He said, however, the weak British pound have ensured that increases the cost of the ingredients for the chocolate.

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So you have had the choice: Either to increase the price of a Toblerone, or to change their Form, i.e. to reduce the size. The step relates to two package sizes: The existing 400-gram Version of cradle is now 360 grams, and the 170-gram Toblerone’ve lost twenty grams.

It’s not unusual that life manufacturers to shrink their package sizes in order to save costs. The changes in the Toblerone but so is a slightly different case, because they are not visible on the outside. Only when you Open the packaging, the loss of individual chocolate summit.

The pound weakness, since the Brexit Referendum has moved in recent times, a number of other companies to Act. The electronics group Apple has raised recently the prices for personal computer, and software group Microsoft has announced price increases.


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