Monday, November 14, 2016

Banks inform about the fees for withdrawing money at foreign ATMs often … –

you probably already know: Far from a familiar Bank branch to need of cash. So the next best ATM. Fees but one takes in purchase. However, these fees, the consumer is often late, such as “financial test” has found.

So many banks and savings banks showed the fees due for the stand out with strangers Girokarten to your vending machines only after entering the secret number. This happened in 14 of the 20 suppliers, although the origin of the card for the vending machine after the Insertion of recognizable.

legal requirements

For the practical test from July to October, the Foundation examined in Berlin and Munich, the fees for withdrawals at foreign ATMs. 20 vendors were tested, including the banks and savings banks, and specialized machine operators. Overall, the Foundation raised test were the withdrawal fees of 34 providers.

There were no legal constraints on when and how Bank customers are informed about the fee. You should only have the opportunity to cancel the operation, if it is too expensive, said the “financial test”.

Only six banks in a timely manner

Six banks showed in the Test the fee before the Pin-input: Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, ING-Diba, Postbank, Targobank and Volkswagen Bank. “That should be Standard at all”, writes the consumer magazine.

The six banks informed the customers in the “short text” about the fee. With another provider, the customer would have had to refer to the amount of the fee from a “very long Text in very small font”.

fees up to 7,99 Euro per withdrawal

the amount of The fee varies greatly: ING-Diba, DKB, and Volkswagen Bank are satisfied according to the report, with Euro 1.95 for withdrawals with foreign Girokarten – however, there are not many of them vending machines. Many large banks and savings banks are demanding, according to “financial test” € 3.50 to 4.95. Up to 7,99 Euro amounts, the fee at Bankhaus August Lenz, and card point.

The Federal government had only recently declared that it saw no need for action against fees for withdrawals at foreign ATMs. Consumers would use ATMs of other credit institutions “primarily in the not-to plan for exceptional situations,” it said in a response to the Federal government on a request from Green party politicians.

in Addition, there is a “nationwide transparent price display to the ATM”. Consumers could make on this basis, to make an “informed decision”.

increases in Bank charges is often in error

the currently often observed price increases are another Annoyance for current accounts. According to information from consumers this not be announced conservationists always error-free. The releases of various providers contained “crucial mistakes” and were therefore ineffective, said the market sentinel Team of the consumer advice centre of Saxony with reference to a number of complaints from consumers.

Bank customers do not have to accept in such cases, the increased costs and could require a lot of fees paid.

must have Two requirements to be fulfilled

banks and savings banks must notify the information according to your customers at least two months in advance of the upcoming price change. This is done mostly by letter or account statement. In addition, credit institutions should indicate in the announcement the fact that the customer “may terminate both free of charge and with immediate effect”.

not Going to one of these two requirements met, the entire price change is invalid, said the consumer advice centre of Saxony. Especially in regard to the possibility of Termination under the error-run credit institutions. In some cases, the note for possible termination will forget simply””.

The consumer advice centre of Saxony warned, according to their own information, a savings Bank successfully. A different have already been changed in August, after a warning, their Information practices. “We suspect that other credit institutions have not properly informed,” said Carmen Friedrich of the consumer advice centre of Saxony. Bank customers should therefore check the announced measures.


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