Thursday, December 1, 2016

What is the meaning of the tolling agreement for German drivers – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

It was the crucial question in the negotiations on the toll for Cars: How can not succeed in a compromise that is in breach of European law, German drivers but not a greater burden? Because that’s exactly how the Central promise made by the Federal Minister of transport Alexander Dobrindt (CSU), also in the coalition agreement, this principle is written in was. On Thursday, there was the answer: Dobrindt, agreed with EU Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc to minimize the stress for foreign holders – in particular, cross – border commuters, and for German drivers, an additional ecological component.

Britta Beeger author: Britta Beeger, editor of the economy. Hendrik Kafsack author: Hendrik Kafsack, economic correspondent in Brussels.

such An agreement many had held until a few weeks ago, is hardly possible. Finally, the EU Commission objected in particular to the 1:1 compensation for domestic vehicle owners. The already adopted German toll law provides that you have to buy an annual vignette for up to 130 Euro, depending on the pollutant class. The cost to get up to the last Cent on the Car-tax reimbursed. This principle remains largely intact, however, the holder of particularly environment-friendly Euro-6 will be relieved of vehicles to 100 million euros. For all the others that you get exactly the amount you will pay toll.

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That foreign vehicle owners will not be reimbursed for the cost, had the EU Commission is regarded as discrimination. Now you should be relieved that there will be five toll levels as in the past, only three. The cheapest Ten-day Vignette will cost only 2.50 Euro instead of 5 Euro. However, prices for the most expensive vignette to rise: For you 20 euros will now be payable instead of 15. These Changes, which the Bundestag and the Bundesrat must agree to, would ensure, “that the German toll system with the EU law,” said Bulc. Dobrindt assured, in turn, in the course of the agreement, to support the introduction of a single European road toll system.

criticism of the compromise there was, in particular, because of the revenue calculation. The Ministry of transport expects the toll brings in after the deduction of costs of around 500 million euros in the year, although the Vehicle tax is reduced now to 100 million euros. Be expected in return for more revenue by a further increase in traffic of foreign vehicles in Germany, as well as the price volume increases in the short-term vignettes are particularly harmful to the environment car. Professionals had already registered in the past to doubt this calculation. On Thursday, the SPD member of the German Bundestag Martin Burkert, criticised the fact that to reach with a five-step short-time vignettes hardly any revenue for road building. A member of the Green Oliver Krischer, described the plans as a joke. “Now, if some drivers less, but no one should have to pay more, gives Dobrindt, the country with a toll that will cost the state more than it brings.”

Finally annexed to the dispute, the Car did not toll with the agreement of Thursday. The Austrian government reserves the right to continue a suit, because this Austrian motorists discriminates. Tax relief against the Background of a toll were to be viewed critically, said the Minister of transport Jörg Leichtfried in Brussels. “It’s all possible,” he said, with a view to proceedings before the European court of justice. Austria wanted to coordinate with affected neighboring countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium about a possible joint approach. The chances for a lawsuit are now fallen but noticeable. In the EU Commission, it was said that the compromise could not be used as a with the EU treaties incompatible discrimination of foreigners.


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