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Germany comments: car toll: “It is, and remains, botch” – FOCUS Online

Germany: passenger car comments toll: “It is, and remains, botch”

Thursday, 01.12.2016, 22:36

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The toll for Cars has taken all the prophecies of doom, Despite a big hurdle. Transport Minister Dobrindt makes concessions and in return receives the blessing of the EU Commission. The goal of the tricky project is not but still. The German press commented on the events.

“It is, and remains, botch”

Free press: More cheaper vignettes, but relief for more polluting cars, and a greater toll compensation for Euro 6 cars – it all boils down to is a bold move zero-sum game. It is and remains a mess. When, how and whether the tolling comes at all, remains in limbo. Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) warns, a toll would produce in the balance in the budget, not less tax revenue. Since the dispute is inevitable, because the parties in Berlin have to run now, hot for election campaign next year.

“is, of Course, it is fair, if the German drivers to get the toll cost is refunded”

Stuttgarter Zeitung: of Course it is not fair if the German drivers to get the toll cost is refunded, the foreign motorway users need to but with us, and then mostly still in their home country, such fees are to be paid. And the Argument that foreigners were straining the infrastructure and would have to pay, therefore, for the sake of Fairness, also, loses considerably in impact if one takes into account that their share of the German passenger Car traffic is around seven percent. Ridiculous the Argument, the toll contributes significantly to the financing of highway construction and maintenance.

“The toll is unjust and economically and ecologically meaningless”

Badische Zeitung: the Federal Minister of transport Alexander Dobrindt has pushed the toll for Cars against fierce internal political and European resistance. Unfortunately, the praise ends here. The content of all objections against the project continue to exist, despite the cosmetic changes that Brussels has achieved: The toll is unjust and economically and environmentally pointless.

“is used As the yesterday revealed a bureaucratic toll-Monstrosity alone the self-esteem of the CSU”

Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung: As a designer Alexander Dobrindt has achieved little – even if there are now more concrete toll plans. Because Dobrindts whole approach was wrong. From the beginning it was just a Car toll for foreigners. Without a transport policy concept, with no infrastructure Plan in Europe without a political Dimension. So, yesterday revealed bureaucratic toll-Monstrosity serves only for the self-esteem of the CSU.

“The Car comes toll. A very lazy compromise”

Emder Zeitung: The Car came comes toll. A very bad compromise is come, and The previously calculated profit of EUR 500 million can hardly hold, because the income will now be just miserable. The low profit is a huge administrative apparatus to but – the toll turns out to be a complete economic nonsense. In addition it had been promised to the German car drivers that they should not be more burdened than before. But now the speech that German motorists with particularly low-emission vehicles (Euro 6) in the case of the Car to release tax more. The Euro 6 standard is currently being met, but only of some of the more expensive new cars. All car owners, can not afford such a luxury vehicle, you are Stupid. The promises of the past will not be so complied with.

“As long Dobrindt has gemurkst at the toll booth until Brussels agrees”

Swabian newspaper: Now he triumphs, the Minister Dobrindt. His favorite project, the German Car can toll. As long as he has gemurkst it around until Brussels agrees. But Dobrindts joy howl may still be so loud, it can’t disguise the fact that he has achieved in the past three years, actually, nothing – and the toll-compromise is neither for him nor for the CSU to be a success. A puny 500 million euros of revenue per year – if at all – are not in proportion to the administrative burden, the dräut now. There is not much still remain for investment in infrastructure, the it is actually. And apart from that: Who guarantees drivers the car that you promised tents as a member of the CSU in humid and warm Beer – also in the future, the bottom line is not more pay than before the toll? If the policy persistence would be in itself a value, could knock Dobrindt actually on the shoulder. But the voter has every reason to feel like a moron.

“This is not a clean solution. Nevertheless, the managers are satisfied”

world: This is not a clean solution. Nevertheless, the managers are satisfied. The annoying toll is now finally off the table. The German Minister of transport Alexander Dobrindt can cheerfully announce that he had kept his promise. Leading the way, the German Retro-toll is not. A time-dependent toll is not under the distribution of political face, yet it fully complies with the polluter-pays principle. Better would a Europe-wide System, which regulates the collection of road usage fees. Then a device that applies everywhere in the EU is sufficient. The revenue goes to the respective country. Technical progress makes such a complex networking of data. Where the future lies, not in the Dobrindt toll.

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