Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Netherlands intend to bring an action against German Car toll

threaten Hardly, the EU has given the Commission the green light, the German Car toll more hurdles: The Netherlands want to complain against the introduction. Apparently, Austria and other neighbouring countries to support the project.

The Netherlands wants to complain against the introduction of a Car toll in Germany. The transport Minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen said in Brussels, the Dutch news Agency ANP. Even if the EU Commission do not agree with the plans, would draw the neighboring countries of Germany before the court.

Austria thinks about lawsuit

Apparently Austria also supports the step. The competent Viennese Minister explained, was concealed with the new plans now “something better” that the EU would be disadvantaged foreigners. Don’t be eliminated this discrimination. Belgium and Denmark would join possibly the action as well, said the Dutch Minister. The toll plans, calling them a matter of concern. “These Concerns can only be allayed, if the toll is not introduced.”

The European Commission had previously given to year-long armed green light for a modified model of the German Car toll. German car owner with clean car can hope to greater tax savings of 100 million euros per year. This is the compromise, the Federal Minister of transport Alexander Dobrindt and the EU transport Commissioner, Violeta Bulc in Brussels on Thursday sealed. The authorities in Brussels are the against Germany for the breach of EU law on ice.

compromise between Berlin and Brussels

the Agreement was Reached, because Dobrindt of the EU-responded to Commission’s Central points: the short-term were staggered vignettes for foreigners is stronger, leading to more price justice and a green Note. So there should be five instead of three different categories, depending on the engine capacity or emissions. The Ten-day toll would have been, therefore, starting at 2.50 euros. For a large, older vehicle would cost you 20 euros. A Two-month Vignette is proposing in the draft, with 7 to 40 euros.

as before, but there are doubts as to whether the toll comes really: The amended plans have to go through the Bundestag. This will bring in Berlin exactly calculate how much of the fee at the end financially. The toll should come, she comes anyway, quickly, before the Bundestag election in 2017, transport Minister Dobrindt does not expect her.


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