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British consider for the to pay the internal market access – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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UK Brexit-Minister David Davis is actually counted among the hard-liners when it comes to the country’s exit from the EU. The greater the amazement is about what the Minister said on Thursday in Parliament in London: “of Course,” will consider the government to pay a contribution to the EU, if the UK keep in turn, in spite of Brexit-free access to the EU internal market, replied Davis to a question from an opposition Deputy. In the currency market the British pound rose after these surprising Utterances against the Euro and the Dollar.

Marcus Theurer author: Marcus Theurer, economic correspondent, based in London.

It was for the government, “an important criterion” to obtain the best possible market access for UK services and goods exports to continental Europe, said the Minister. In late summer, had sounded quite different: It was “very unlikely” that Britain will remain a member of the internal market, had said Davis in September.

But in the meantime, the pressure of the British economy, the government has grown strong. The financial industry in London, but British car manufacturers and other exporters fear a “hard” Brexit new trade barriers in the major European business. 44 percent of British exports go to other EU countries. The other member countries of the European Union the main trading partner of great Britain.

In the late summer everything had sounded quite different: It was “very unlikely” that Britain will remain a member of the internal market, said Davis in September.

The British could get through the Brexit, however, is in a quandary. Because the government in London wants to restrict out of the EU, the immigration from continental Europe. However, this would be a violation of the commandment of the free movement of persons within the EU, which is one of the basic rules of the internal market. Politicians from other EU-States have always made clear that the UK will only retain access to the single market, if the limits for EU immigrants remained open.

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On Thursday published Figures show that the number of immigrants from other EU countries after the UK set a new record In the twelve months to June 189.000 EU were net migrants to the island.


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