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savings: BGH decides: medical supply stores cashier patients the co-payment

Thursday, 01.12.2016, 18:10

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the insured must hope for discounts on medical AIDS such as Shoe insoles, blood sugar tests, or hearing AIDS. A principle of judgment, it allows the distributors of such products to adopt to your customers the Supplement to the statutory health insurance.

Although the obligation of the Insured, in principle, self-involvement, decided by the Federal court of justice (BGH) on Thursday. The dealer was free but, of the recovery of the amount due at its own expense in sight. (Az. I ZR 143/15)

the count also chairs measuring devices, prostheses, and wheelchairs. Effects of prescription drugs, there is not.

Considerable savings for the Insured possible

“For the Insured can result in significant savings,” said a Supreme court spokesperson after the sentencing. In the case of approved AIDS patients usually have to pay between five and ten euros out of his own pocket. In the case of products for consumption, such as syringes or incontinence AIDS, there are ten percent of the total cost per package with a maximum of ten euros in the month.

is Open, however, as many merchants of the highest court allowed for Zuzahlungs-waiver actually make use of it. The centre for protection against unfair competition, which had brought the case before the court, observed that such promotional actions mainly in the field of diabetic products. There is, according to the Respondent, Dr. Schweizer GmbH small amounts of no more than two euros for the supply of test strips or lancets.

Dr. Schweizer GmbH due to the action sues

advertising-a bill to send emergency warnings, whether to issue disproportionately, said managing Director Stephan Swiss in Karlsruhe, Germany. The family-owned company from the vicinity of Ulm, sells through an Online store, mainly diabetics. In the Store the co-payment could be cashed at the cashier. The company had advertised therefore in 2013, with the adoption of the co-payment.

The Competition authorities had warned Dr. Swiss and sued, because you will see small retailers and pharmacies at a disadvantage. According to the BGH, the co-payments are not thought but for protection from competitors. A discount is in the case of AIDS is possible, because the receivables are transferred here to the dealer so he can do without. For example, in the case of medicines, the claim is on the money with the insurance company.

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