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Oetker sold to Hamburg Süd – Handelsblatt

Container ships of Hamburg Süd in the port of Hamburg

The company belongs since 1955, fully Oetker.

(photo: Reuters)

BielefeldDr. Oetker separates from its shipping division and sold the Hamburg Süd shipping group to the Danish company Maersk. The family company said on Thursday in Bielefeld, Germany. Previously, Maersk had reported about the planned purchase. Oetker loses about half of its sales of around 12 billion euros. Details of the planned purchase of the two sides has not yet called. So far, a preliminary contract had been signed. If the antitrust approval, is to be implemented, the sale by the end of 2017.

After discussions with several interested parties have decided to Dr Oetker for the global market leader in Denmark, said in a press release of the Oetker-group. To the purchase price silence was agreed, said Oetker spokesman Jörg Schillinger, the German press Agency. In 2015, the Oetker group, had a 12.2 billion Euro, Hamburg Süd is to be contributed around half of the revenues of the food division, frozen pizzas, cake mixes and custard powder in the past year generated nearly a quarter of group sales. Maersk helps in the acquisition of a stronger presence on the North-South routes, – stated in the message of the shipping company on Thursday. The terms and conditions of the transaction are to be disclosed accordingly in the coming year. “The Acquisition of Hamburg Süd will provide a unique opportunity for the business of Maersk Line for the Benefit of customers, employees and shareholders to further develop,” said Maersk in the message. The Maersk shares exte nded their gains and were up on the previous days high of 5.5 per cent.

Hapag-Lloyd, MSC, Hamburg Süd: This is the largest shipping companies in the world

Oetker-Management to the reasons of the sale on the for years, the ongoing consolidation process in the industry. Recently, the three major Japanese Container lines, Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK), Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) and Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (K-Lines) had reported, surprisingly, a merger, as from April 2018, its Korean competitor, Hanjin is on the verge of Bankruptcy. For around eight years, the industry suffers seas Overcapacity on the world. To be able to keep up, so Dr. Oetker, according to the notice, whether a higher capital requirement is necessary. After signing of the preliminary contract with Maersk to be negotiated in the coming weeks, in parallel to the implementation of the Due Diligence, a purchase agreement before the project is notified to the antitrust authorities, it said.

the position of The Container-ship travel

  • The three major Japanese Container lines, Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK), Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) and Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (K-Lines) to take effect from April 2018, under a new name together. Together, the Japanese shipping companies Need, and naked fear. They had accumulated huge losses and are afraid of the final Bust. Previously had United already the Chinese shipping companies Cosco and China Shipping Container Lines, the French shipping company CMA CGM had taken APL of Singapore, and the Hamburg-based shipping company Hapag-Lloyd was incorporated in the container division of the Chilean CSAV and then the Arab UASC.

  • rescue efforts for Hanjin to run, but as a global shipping company, the Korean people have since their defeat in August out of the game. No one will trust after this experience, a shaky shipping a Container. Tens of thousands of containers arrived too late, had to tax in the case of the terminal is triggered, or were worthless because they contained seasonal goods. The damage to the customers, banks, Insurance companies and suppliers are still not ignorable

  • freight rates for years because of Overcapacity and the weak growth of world trade in the basement. Also, the mergers were not able to stabilize. “We don’t have too many companies, but too many ships,” said the Hamburg-based shipping expert Prof. Ulrich Malchow in November. The insolvency of Hanjin had only brought short term recovery.

  • finally, globally, there were still two countries, in which more than a large shipping company has its registered office in: Taiwan, and Germany. With the Oetker-sale of Hamburg Süd and Denmark’s history.

owners and Executive Board of Hamburg Süd would have to take note that “active participation in the ongoing consolidation process in the industry requires a higher level of capital would entail,” said the Oetker-group in the message. “This would disturb the balancing of risks within the Oetker-group sensitive.” The global market leader Maersk is from the point of view of the interests “of the ideal Partner, in order to preserve the successful business model of the shipping company and develop”.

container giant Hamburg Süd: Oetkers tax-saving-model

Premiumfor Years, took advantage of Oetker, the shipping company Hamburg-Süd, in order to save taxes. The container giant, has served the family in the economic miracle as a lucrative investment for your luscious Pudding-profits. How the method worked. more…

The employees of Hamburg Süd, has been informed on Thursday morning of the Board of management about the sale. Maersk wanted to get the Hamburg Süd brand, because they have a “very personal Touch”, said a spokeswoman of the Hamburg Süd in Hamburg. She pointed out that Maersk will take the staff with “all their Rights and obligations under their contracts”. Hamburg Süd has a global workforce of around 6000 employees. For the company, 189 ships, of which 48 own. The fleet capacity is 625,000 thousand TEU (standard containers). According to Dr. Oetker, Hamburg Süd is one of the ten largest container shipping companies in the world.

2013 was a burst of a planned merger between Hapag-Lloyd and Hamburg Süd. Hamburg Süd is part of since 1955 completely Oetker. The company was founded in the year 1871.

Pizza, Pudding, baking powder,: As of August Oetker, The family business Oetker was his Empire built

125 years ago in Bielefeld. The pharmacist Dr. August Oetker was experimenting at the time with baking powder and brought it in 1893 to the kitchen ready to be portioned out on the market. Today, the group is still in the hands of the founding family of employees, worldwide, nearly 31,000 employees.

With the daughter of the Radeberger group in Frankfurt/Main is Oetker is the market leader in the German beer market. Among the more than 40 brands Radeberger, Jever, Schöfferhofer and Clausthaler. The daughter of Henkell manufactures sparkling wine, and spirits (the Prince of Metternich, Wodka Gorbatschow). The Bank house, lamp, luxury hotels and a chemical factory are also among the 417 companies of the Oetker group.


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