Wednesday, December 7, 2016

VW-exhaust-affair: South Korea imposed a record fine against Volkswagen FOCUS Online

VW exhaust affair: South Korea imposed a record fine against Volkswagen

Wednesday, 07.12.2016, 08:10

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In the VW exhaust affair South Korea imposed against the German auto maker to a record-fine of the equivalent of almost 30 million euros because of the allegation of misleading advertising.

The Federal trade Commission (FTC) announced on Wednesday in a statement also, as against Volkswagen, and five Manager of the company in South Korea, and Germany criminal complaint. VW have spoken in its advertising, falsely of environmentally friendly cars, the stricter emissions standards met.

The Commission of 120,000 vehicles, which were advertised in this way between 2008 and 2015. VW had admitted in September 2015, to about eleven million vehicles worldwide with Software for Manipulation of emission values equipped.

sales of all VW models stopped

The Commission alleged that VW, the consumers with “false and exaggerated advertising” deceived. The penalty in the amount of 37.3 billion Won is the highest fine imposed so far by the Commission in the case of advertising fraud. The notice should be sent to Audi Volkswagen Korea within a month, a spokesman said. In addition, the office of the public Prosecutor should be asked, investigations against the VW Headquarters, the local branch, as well as five former and current Manager.

South Korea’s authorities had accused VW in the course of the investigation in the exhaust gas affair, documents on emission values and noise tests have glossed over. The sale of almost all the VW models in South Korea had been stopped in August.

Video: VW Board of management declares in no uncertain terms, what employees now expect

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