Tuesday, December 6, 2016

USA: judge rejects exhaust suit against Daimler – Handelsblatt


A class-action lawsuit in the US, Daimler is the manipulated values of the pollutant nitrogen oxide and misleading advertising.

(photo: Reuters)

NewarkDaimler has reached vehicles in the USA, a first victory in the legal dispute over the alleged exhaust gas dizziness in the case of Diesel. The competent court in Newark in the state of New Jersey dismissed on Tuesday a class-action suit by car owners who had accused the German manufacturer and its American subsidiary, Mercedes-Benz manipulated values of the pollutant nitrogen oxide and misleading advertising.

The judge held the in February, filed suit in the crucial points is inadequate. He gave the plaintiffs the Chance, their allegations in a revised Form to re-submit.


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plaintiffs ‘ attorney Steve Berman announced on demand, to make use of this possibility. It should be Easy to fix by the judge complained of defects. In addition, only one of the two collection had not yet been dismissed complaints his office.

In the case of the accusations it comes to the nitrogen oxide emissions of vehicles with BlueTec diesel engines. Daimler is suspected to have the measured values, similar to how Volkswagen in the exhaust – scandal-with an illegal defeat device (“defeat device”) will be manipulated.

A company spokesman wanted to make to the court decision-no comment. Daimler has rejected the allegations but repeated as baseless. So far, the U.S. environmental protection Agency, EPA, has accused only VW of the exhaust gas fraud. However, the US regulators have initiated in the Wake of the lawsuit against Daimler for an investigation.


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