Wednesday, December 7, 2016

South Korea is buzzing Volkswagen a penalty – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The exhaust-scandal will cost Volkswagen a lot of billion euros.

as a result of the exhaust-scandal, a further penalty payment to comes to Volkswagen in South Korea. The competition enforcers announced this Wednesday in Seoul, the car manufacturers a fine of the equivalent of about 30 million euros aufzubrummen because of false advertising promises to pollutant emissions.

It is the highest penalty in such a case, in the country. In addition, the Prosecutor’s office will be asked, investigations against the South Korean Volkswagen subsidiary, as well as five former and current managers of the company.

Volkswagen touted its cars incorrectly as environmentally friendly vehicles that meet the exhaust emission standards. In fact, they had been equipped with a switch-off device to put to the test, a compliance with the requirements of fake.

South Korea had a Volkswagen back in the summer to a penalty of the equivalent of around 14 million euros sentenced for false claims on emissions and noise pollution. In addition, a sell-stop for almost all the Volkswagen was imposed models in the country. Trickery around the consumption and emission values of Diesel vehicles have plunged Europe’s largest car maker is in a serious crisis, it is billion-dollar criminal threatening and settlement payments, especially in the United States.

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Volkswagen is not the only car manufacturer that currently gets a punishment in a foreign country. On Tuesday it was announced that the Australian government verdonnerte the Munich-based manufacturer BMW to make a payment of the equivalent of 50 million euros. Reason was, that BMW had awarded loans to customers who cannot afford.


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