Saturday, December 10, 2016

To applaud a guest at Kaiser’s Tengelmann employees Gabriel – NEWS

Saturday, 10. December 2016

Against much opposition, Sigmar Gabriel pushed through his Ministers permission at Kaiser’s-Tengelmann Takeover. Now the Vice-Chancellor and the SPD looked boss at the Christmas party of the Council.

the Surprise at the Christmas party of Kaiser’s Tengelmann: economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel stopped by on Friday in Berlin in the canteen, where the works Council and the employees who had to tremble for two years to their Jobs, hailed the Takeover by Edeka and Rewe.

“we have rocks well-hung, Merry Christmas. All’s well that ends well”, called the SPD leader. The cashiers and warehouse workers clapped. An Emperor’s Manager thanked Gabriel for his “risky bet”, with its controversial special approval of the Takeover in the first place. For the approximately 15,000 employees of the supermarket chain, this means a five-year job guarantee.

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Gabriel said: “I had no risk. The risk was with you the whole time,” he replies. The Takeover by Edeka and Rewe would have burst, had 5000 to 8000 people lost their jobs. “I have to get ten articles more, he is an Idiot. But I’ve already got a 20″, frotzelte.

The so-called Ministerial permission – which would have supported in the Bundestag, all parties except the Greens – was the Chance to show that the policy was not lifted. “You have to be in the policy affect the fate of other people,” said Gabriel.

in The end, he had questioned the rescue itself a bit, he thanked Tengelmann, the owner of Karl-Erivan Haub for his patience: “I had fear of me missing.”




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